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Congratulations to The Winners!!!

This has been one heck of a year. CCAL is delighted that despite the pandemic, our artists have been busy creating yet another amazing body of work! We had a total of 103 works of art across 3 categories entered, and a total of 46 artists participating for awards totaling $3,525! The exhibit is rich in talent and diversity and ALL the artists deserve congratulations for their pieces.

It takes many hours to plan and hold the show each year and this year we've had to adjust our plans to accommodate pandemic requirements. Many volunteers donated many hours to make it possible and they all deserve our thanks and congratulations as well. Juried Show Chairs Kay Stallings has done a fantastic job bringing all the details together for this year's 26th Anniversary show.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the many exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers as well as our jurors. All of whom made all this possible!

Video of the awards ceremony will be posted soon for those of you who missed it.

2021 Best in Show

202 Best in Show Winner: "Look What's Coming" Watercolor Painting by Anne Hightower Patterson
202 Best in Show Winner: "Look What's Coming" Watercolor Painting by Anne Hightower Patterson


(see photos of all the artwork at

Awards Open to All Categories

Best in Show ($400) - “Look What's Coming” by Anne Hightower Patterson White

Juror Comments: “A masterpiece of design. Strong vertical shapes counterbalanced by horizontal and diagonal elements moves your eye around the centrally placed figures. The women appear to be looking off the canvas creating a sense of tension or uncertainty. A beautiful painting that holds your attention for a long time.”

City Art Award ($100 Gift Certificate) - “Old Morris Lighthouse” by JJ Casey

The Braddock Group Legacy Award ($125) - “Angel” by James DiFrancesco

Irmo Insurance Award ($100) - “Lady of the Lake II” by Dale Bishop

S&S Destination Trucky’s Award ($100) - “Lily Pad Dance” by Maureen Carter

Invitation Postcard Award ($50) - “Strawberry Splash” by Erdal Caba

USC Associate Juror Award ($50) - “Pathways to the Goal” by Julie Larkin

Benedict Associate Juror Award ($50) - “Urban Renewal #6 - Free Parking” by Tommy Thompson

Member's Choice Award ($100) - "Misty Morro" by Barbara Teusink

People’s Choice Award (ribbon) - "Baxter and Alice" by Britty Pointer

2D Artwork Awards - Masters

First Place – Masters ($300) - “Pretty in Pink” by Barbara Teusink

Juror Comments: “Composition makes or breaks a painting. The bright yellow pistil near the center could have easily become a bulls-eye. However, the expert choice to partially overlap the flower pistil creates movement in the piece and the shadows strengthen movement. The asymmetrical layout of the flower and strong lighting make this a "wow" piece.”

Second Place – Masters ($250) - “Restful Contemplation” by Julie Larkin

Third Place – Masters ($225) - “Laundry Day” by Bobbi Sorensen

Weathers Contracting Award – Masters ($100) - “Urban Renewal #6 - Free Parking” by Tommy Thompson

Palmetto Fine Arts Award – Masters ($100) - “Daniel E. Greene, N.A.” by Dale Bishop

Ann Sweeney Memorial Award - Masters ($75) - "Besties" by Karen Larrabee

Patron Award – Masters ($75) - “Blue Moon” by Renea Eshleman

Merit Awards – Masters ($50 each) - “Old Morris Lighthouse” by JJ Casey

“Amaryllis” by Anna Kay Singley

2D Artwork Awards - Amateur

First Place – Amateur ($200) - “Dreaming” by Mary Collette

Juror Comments: “I enjoy art that makes me wonder. This painting leaves a lot to interpretation. Is the person about to be run over by a plane? That's ok? What is the message here? Whatever is happening - this painting is riveting in its use of color and bold composition. Compositionally - the diagonal shape of the man's leg is repeated in colorful background marks. A painting that tells a story - an open and unwritten book. It is bold and fun.”

Second Place – Amateur ($175) - “Mama Red Bird” by Willie Clark

Third Place – Amateur ($150) - “Window to the Tuscan Countryside” by Sandra Wilkie

Weathers Contracting Award – Amateur ($100) - “Tickled Pink” by Brenda Smith

Patron Award – Amateur ($75) - “Gone but not Forgotten” by Dianna Smith

Merit Awards – Amateur ($50 Each) - “Best Seat in the House” by Carol J. Blackwood

“Springtime” by Ruby DeLoach

Joe Counts Memorial Award ($50) - "Baxter and Alice" by Britty Pointer

Photography Awards

First Place – Photography ($125) - “The Laborer” by Kimberly Case

Juror Comments: “This is one of those images made fine by years of professional experience with what works and what does not. As well as the ability to plan, construct the image, and discard those which do not work. The ability to achieve all four categories of excellence is part of the job and not second nature.”

Second Place – Photography ($100) - “Pileated Woodpecker” by Brian Fox

Third Place – Photography ($75) - “Belle Blue” by Brian Fox

Patron Award – Photography ($50) - “Thirsty Roadrunner” by Erdal Caba

Merit Award – Photography ($25) - “Experienced Shopper” by Robert Carlsson


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