Each year, CCAL recognizes a special member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to benefit the league. They are recognized for the important work they have done in addition to any assigned duties.


Sometimes those efforts are very obvious and sometimes it's for a myriad of behind the scenes efforts that have helped to move the league forward. 

To each, we owe a debt of gratitude!

Thank You!!! 

If you'd like to nominate a member to be recognized for their special service, please use the nomination form below to let us know

Member of the Year

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The award was presented this year by Kay Fox. Kay said:

We had 4 excellent candidates for Member of the Year:  Sonya, Sandra, Ann and Barbara.

This led to a very close decision.  Any of these would be a great choice. I feel that the recipient is passionate, committed and enthusiastic about CCAL.  She has a positive attitude that is contagious. She has performed her duties to the League in a professional manner at all times.  Most people are not aware of how much of an ambassador she is for our League whether it is giving physically, financially, seeking new members and funds for the CCAL or the Juried Art Show. 

This could describe any of the ladies; however, this best describes this year’s recipient.

This year’s recipient of Member of the Year is

Sonya Diimmler.

A big shout out to Sonya for her hard work and dedication. The league has benefited greatly from all her hard work and efforts this year.

CCAL is happy to recognize Ron for all the wonderful things he has done to support the league.

Each year, CCAL recognizes a special member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to benefit the league. They are recognized by the membership for the important work they have done in addition to any assigned duties. Ron is a longtime member who has much for the league for many years.  We owe him our gratitude for sure! He was nominated by two people this year for the award. The text of his nominations reads as follows:

  1. I nominate Ron for coordinating the installation of lights in the back hall of the park, as well as a new hanging system there, as well as our TAP gallery up front.  The League will be forever grateful of his efforts!

  2. Ron has been a steady support for the league for many years. He is always willing to step up anytime he is asked. Not only did he and Carol open their home to us for the Christmas party again this year, he also did many other things as well. He...

We recognize Barbara for all the work she has performed this past year as President of CCAL.

She was always exceptionally prepared for each board meeting, guiding the meeting through each agenda item keeping things on tract resulting in a highly productive meeting. She was always open to suggestions by board members and allowed them to express their ideas and concerns. She continually looked for ways to expand the membership of the league and was very forward thinking. 

Barbara presided over the monthly membership meetings and displayed a contagious enthusiasm that made the membership meeting a joy to attend. 

This past year the league’s web page became a major item of concern by all.  Barbara became a major player in this vital project by enthusiastically rebuilding the entire web page.   She made the web page the outstanding product it is today.   She was always very enthusiastic in performing her duties as president of the league.   

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