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CCAL TAP Galleries Themes Schedule

CCAL is deeply grateful to the ICRC and Crooked Creek Park for hosting

"The Artists Place (TAP) Gallery" 

Some months we hold invitation only special exhibits in the TAP Gallery . All other months, we hold a themed contest in the TAP Gallery. All CCAL members are invited to participate in the themed contests. Simply create your best piece according to the theme and bring it to hang on the start date listed below. (Be sure to bring your gallery wall label.) Only original works only are permitted in judged theme contests (no prints please). Exhibits typically change the same night as our monthly member meeting. Be sure to take home your artwork at the end of the exhibit!! 

A monthly Award Winner will be selected and awarded a ribbon for themed exhibits. Happy creating!

In order to give our members more time to paint ahead for the TAP Gallery Exhibits, we will be trying to keep a yearly list of upcoming themes published in advance. That list will be updated here. 

Request to be scheduled in our other Public Galleries 

Exhibit Dates
Jan 15 – Feb 19, 2024
On the Farm
Feb 24 - Mar 30, 2024
Juried Show Photography Entries
Mar 30 - Apr 15, 2024
Juried Show Winners
Apr 15 - May 20, 2024
Carolina Rivers and Waterfalls
May 20 - Sept 16, 2024
Summer Exhibit: 2024 Members Contest Artwork
Sept 16 - Oct 21, 2024
2024 Juried Show BIS Winner Exhibit
Oct 21 - Nov 18, 2024
Nov 18 - Jan 20, 2025
TBD (No Dec mtg at park – Offsite Christmas Party)
Jan 20 - Feb 17, 2025
Feb 17 - Mar , 2025
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