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Turtle Art Rocks Chapin
A Community Art Project



Crooked Creek Art League (CCAL) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit consisting of over 150 artists from the greater Chapin area and surrounding communities. We are once again partnering with the Town of Chapin to create some exciting public art with the goal of shining a light on the vibrant arts scene in our area. The concept for the project – artful turtles – is a way to showcase the native wildlife common to the Lake Murray area. This year’s highly anticipated public art project features a community scavenger hunt and auction culminating at the 2024 Chapin Labor Day Festival.

I'm not an artist,

but I want to help!

The Crooked Creek Art League includes painters of all mediums, photographers, sculptors and mixed media artists. All are welcome. We are a fully non-profit dynamic organization and depend on our members, business partners and donors to help us continue to grow the visual arts in our area in many varied ways. We provide on-location art exhibits at businesses, associate juror training, host multiple art shows each year, install public artwork in the community, and occasionally provide arts supply funding to our local schools.

CCAL has been an active part of the community since we were established in 1995 and love the chance to give back to the town. Through this project, CCAL will assign artists from across the community to create public works of art intended for display throughout Chapin.


The art will consist of creatively designed fiberglass turtles. This project is a wonderful opportunity to show the vital role the arts play in our thriving community as well as celebrate the natural beauty of our area. At least one turtle will be installed on the Chapin Nature Trail and others will be auctioned during the Chapin Labor Day Festival. Funds raised from the auction will go towards future community art projects the League is planning for Chapin and beyond. All the artistic turtles will be on display at sponsoring businesses for the duration of the Scavenger Hunt from July 2 - August 31. After Labor Day, select turtles will become part of the growing "Chapin Arts Trail" which spotlights community arts throughout the Greater Chapin area. A total of 15 turtles will be produced.

We need your support to continue to make a difference for the artists and art appreciation in our community.

Calendar of Events

July 2 – Aug 31       Turtles on display!

The turtles will be on display throughout Chapin.

July 2 – Aug 31       Scavenger Hunt!

You are invited to play along by hunting through Chapin to see if you can find all the new turtles on display in their host sponsor locations. Can you find them all? 

Monday Sept 2        Vote for People’s Choice!

Monday Sept 2        Win a turtle for your very own!

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Scavenger Hunt!

July 2 – Aug 31

You are invited to play along by hunting through Chapin to see if you can find all the turtles on display in their host sponsor locations. Complete the Scavenger Hunt Brochure by correctly identifying the requested information for each marker. Check back here for more details. Turn your completed form in at the CCAL Booth during the Labor Day Festival on Monday September 2 by 2pm to be entered into a drawing to win prizes. Drawing for prizes will be done at 2:30pm. Winners will be notified by text. Come back to the booth before 3pm to pick up your prize! 

Can you find them all? 

*Brochures can be picked up at any of the host sponsor sites or downloaded HERE (when available).

Click HERE to Join the Hunt!
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Scavenger Hunt Brochure.Inside.jpg
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People's Choice

Monday Sept 2

You are invited to visit the CCAL Community Art Project Booth during the Labor Day Festival on Monday September 2 to vote for your favorite! Voting concludes at 2:30pm. 

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Silent Auction  - Win a Turtle for your very own!

Monday Sept 2 

You are invited to participate in a silent auction to bid on any (or all) of the Turtles on display. And the best part? You don’t have to be present to bid or to win. Bidding will be done electronically. 

Not tech savvy? No problem, just come by the booth and we can help you submit your bid.

*Auction winners will be notified automatically when the auction closes at 2pm. All turtles should be picked up by 3pm at the booth on Labor Day. Can't get it then? Alternate pickup arrangements can be made on request.

Bidding will be open on Monday September 2 from 9am - 2pm.  

Advance information and photos of the artwork for auction will be available for preview throughout the summer. 

Click HERE to Bid in the Silent Auction!
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MAP with Turtle Locations

Available July 2

Watch here to see where are the turtles are located.

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Watch Here to See Who the Artists Will Be

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Chapin Art Trail

An easy way to check out ALL the great art in Chapin. Many of the new turtles will become part of a the self guided Chapin Art Trail. This trail seeks to stir the public imagination and sense of creativity as well as beautify the community with public art displays created by local artists. The trail will include all the current and previously installed public art pieces and galleries throughout the Greater Chapin area. Maps and lists of all locations will be available online as a self-guided arts tour. New arts and art locations will be added over time.

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