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Turtle Artist

Elizabeth Knapp

About the Artist:

I am a South Carolina native who has been a member of the Crooked Creek Art League for three years.

I am the mother of three, step-mother to three and Gigi to eight darling grandchildren. They are my masterpieces, but I am also very proud to have taught unknown numbers of students the love of reading as an elementary school librarian. FYI, picture books often have some amazing art in them.

In my many life endeavors, art and creativity have always been a passion. And oh, the books I have on these subjects. My early career was as a graphic artist, but in the past five years I have made it my goal to conquer watercolor painting. As of this moment, I am still chasing that dream. Watercolor is an ornery cuss, but I still favor that medium.

About the Artwork:

Baby Sparkle

Baby Sparkle

This turtle was my first project of this kind and my daughter, Katie Dorsey, was instrumental in helping me complete the project with a combination of epoxy and copious amounts of glitter and sparkle. Lake life and Chapin and South Carolina were my focus. Should she not get bid on (every artist's nightmare) I will buy her myself, because "nobody puts Baby in the corner".

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