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About the Artist:

A native of England, I studied Fine Art in college. Later I earned my teaching certificate and became an Art teacher. I moved to the US in 1985 when I married and started a family.

After several years at home with our children, I returned to the classroom where I taught Middle School Art in Lexington until my retirement 5 years ago.

Now I paint landscapes, animals and still lives based on photos I have taken. I sell my work at Art festivals and markets.

I joined the Crooked Creek Art League this year and have been active in meetings and events.

About the Artwork:

Chapin Chappie

Chapin Chappie

A newcomer to the Chapin area, and living in Little Mountain, I have enjoyed the rural life here. In my exploration of local roads, I have discovered picturesque farmland, fields of cows, horses, the odd donkey and hiking paths on the Palmetto Trail. All of these views are paint-worthy and I have painted a large number of scenes on small canvases.

I have chosen to use these images as the basis for my turtle decoration, placing a separate scene in each of the shell segments.

I have named my turtle Chapin Chappie. Chappie is a British term for a fun, happy guy. He reflects my happiness at living here and the joy the local landscape can bring to us all.

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