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Turtle Artist

Kim Vella

About the Artist:

I think people are born artists, whether they realize it or not. I grew up with an “artistic” father who drew with pencil and charcoal from an early age; he carved wood and still does burnt wood signs. I was never interested in detail until I got older. I thought I wasn’t creative in comparison until I realized I’ve always loved to create. It just looks different for me. I can never be satisfied with a room arrangement because it’s just so much fun to see what new energy I can create. I think style is art and love to make an outfit out of old clothes. I’ve spent close to 20 years working on balancing the human face with injectable treatments. Once you tap into your creative side there’s no stopping that flow. A few years ago, thanks to a friend, Sonya Diimmler, I decided to put brush to canvas with acrylics and try abstract art. I’m drawn to a peaceful environment and that goes for art as well. It’s meditative and I get lost in a work. I’m excited to continue to seek out ways to tap in to my creative side and make the world around me a little more peaceful, colorful and joyful.

About the Artwork:



Zenshine is my idea of a whimsical colorful Zen garden and Lily pond. It reminds me to stay calm and centered but also maintain a childlike wonder. Painted with acrylics.

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