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About the Artist:

Alicia Leeke, a native South Carolinian, started her artistic studies under Steven Nevitt at Columbia College.

Her travels to paint landscapes led her to produce a body of beautiful abstract paintings inspired by nature’s ever-changing scenery.

Leeke compares a series of art in a body of work to that of multiple product lines in sales. This means she has paintings produced in a series over time including abstract textural landscapes, impressionistic landscapes, French cityscapes, and an abstract body of work based on plankton.

Leeke was awarded a grant by the Charleston Scientific and Cultural Education Fund to produce a traveling exhibition entitled View from Under the Microscope: Science-based Learning Through Art. The exhibition educates the non-scientific community about the importance Phytoplankton play in our life and why we need to be good stewards of our water bodies. This body of work is currently traveling. She is also a grant recipient from the Joan Mitchell Foundation located in New York City. She is an international, award-winning artist whose work is collected around the globe from New York City to Finland, Austria, Dubai and beyond.

About the Artwork:

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Ice, Ice Baby! Is an artful turtle adorned with beautifully painted, abstract flowers, twigs and leaves and a butterfly found in the turtle’s natural habitat and is part of my abstract nature series.

Turtles live in fresh and saltwater bodies of water and help our natural ecosystems by redistributing calcium and other nutrients into the ground, dispersing seeds and serving as food to raccoons and other animals. As a result, turtles provide vital information on the health of these ecosystems and help humans monitor waterway pollution.

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