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About the Artist:

I reside in Camden and I have been Artist since I was 5 years old. My first influence was my grandmother. She would make anything from nothing - the original recycling queen.

I studied commercial art in the 1970’s. My artist journey has led me from drafting to advertising to prosthetics. I’m also certified as a Grumbacher and Bob Ross instructor. I teach classes with the City of Columbia and Crooked Creek Park.

Currently I’m a member of South Carolina Artists, Trenholm Artist Guild and Cayce Artist Guild.

My awards include: SC State Fair, SAMA Miami, City of Columbia Door Project, and the City of Columbia Trout Project.

I enjoy new challenges through working in mixed media: from torch work on wood to painting. My goal is always to create something original with color and texture.

About the Artwork:

PJ Lucky 7

PJ Lucky 7

My inspiration for my turtle was based on the outdoors through a children’s eyes. Sometimes we need a fairy to bring us magic. Maybe we need to be smart like a fox. What will you discover when you are an artist?

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