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Still Hopes Reception and Award Ceremony

You are invited to:

The CCAL 5th Annual Art Exhibit at Still Hopes

Reception and Awards Ceremony Saturday, December 10, 2022 4 – 5:30 PM Hopewell Building

(Number 4 on Map below)

How to find us! We realize that the Still Hopes campus is relatively large and can be confusing. Below we are providing expanded instructions on how to find the function. Please note, if you have attended past CCAL functions at Still Hopes, there is a new art gallery, and the reception will be held in a new area adjacent to it. Follow Directions on attached map. There are numerous parking areas, but perhaps the best is number 26 on the map. Enter through the covered door and walk straight ahead until you reach the Hopewell Building. You immediately will see the CCAL registration desk.

Map of Still Hopes Episcopal Retirement Community

There are two ways to enter the Still Hopes Community: 1) off 9th Street, and 2) off Still Hopes Drive which is off Knox Abbott Drive (Hwy 321). We recommend the latter. Please follow the circled numbers on the Map, as they do not necessarily match numbers painted directly on the buildings. The function will be held in #4 on the map. The closest parking areas are marked with “P”. These lots accommodate more than guests, so please be sure not to park in handicapped or resident spaces. A star marks the designated entrance to the Hopewell Building. Once inside, a sign will direct you to the reception area. If you are parking in any of the “P” parking areas, and have more than one person in your vehicle, you might find it helpful to first turn into the circular drive to #9 and drop people off between #9 and #6. It is just a few steps from this spot to the Hopewell entrance. We hope these instructions are helpful and that you and your guests join us on Saturday, December 4! Questions: email, or call or text 703-850-5122.


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