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Congratulations to The Winners!!!

This has been one heck of a year. CCAL is delighted that despite the pandemic, our artists have been busy creating yet another amazing body of work! We had a total of 103 works of art across 3 categories entered, and a total of 46 artists participating for awards totaling $3,525! The exhibit is rich in talent and diversity and ALL the artists deserve congratulations for their pieces.

It takes many hours to plan and hold the show each year and this year we've had to adjust our plans to accommodate pandemic requirements. Many volunteers donated many hours to make it possible and they all deserve our thanks and congratulations as well. Juried Show Chairs Kay Stallings and Lisa Alberghini have done a fantastic job bringing all the details together for this year's 26th Anniversary show.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the many exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers as well as our jurors. All of whom made all this possible!

Video of the awards ceremony will be posted soon for those of you who missed it.

2022 Best in Show

2022 Best in Show Winner: "Plowing Hell - COVID" Watercolor Painting by Dale Bishop
2022 Best in Show Winner: "Plowing Hell - COVID" Watercolor Painting by Dale Bishop


(see photos of all the artwork at

Awards Open to All Categories

Best in Show ($400) - Plowing Hell - COVID” by Dale Bishop

Juror Comments: “I chose this piece by Dale Bishop, Plowing Hell-COVID, first of all for the level of effort that’s gone into it. The narrative behind it is something we can all relate to, and it was refreshing for someone to take on a narrative piece. I appreciate the drawing, the construction of it, and the whole narrative. An artist’s job is to put their view of the world in front of us. I feel, probably more than any other piece, this is the artist’s very personal view on a topic we can all get on board with. Good job!

The Braddock Group Legacy Award ($125) - Safe Passage” by Shirley Britton

Chapin Christian Gymnastics Award ($100) - “Sky Lights” by Barbara Teusink

Chapin Pediatrics Award ($100) - “Gourdious Lace” by Anna Kay Singley

Irmo Insurance Award ($100) - “On the Bright Side” by Nicki Peeples

Laura Huggins Law Award ($100) - “All That’s Good” by Sonya Diimmler

Peak Aesthetics Award ($100) - “The Sound of Silence” by Sonia Tuttle

City Art Award ($100 Gift Certificate) - “Egret Courting” by Erdal Caba

Invitation Postcard Award ($50) - “Ocean Wonderland” by Lisa Alberghini

USC Associate Juror’s Award ($50) - “Secrets” by Julie Larkin

Juror Comments: “I chose this work to applaud the artist for taking an abstract approach to the organization of the composition. The work utilizes shape and form to create depth, while the color lends itself to creating a saturated intense feeling. Overall, a wonderful piece.”

Benedict Associate Juror’s Award ($50) - Play with Me” by Shirley Britton

Juror Comments: “I chose the painting, "Play With Me at the Beach" because I love the details. You can feel like excitement from the dog spending the day at the beach. The colors and values were presented just perfectly. Lastly, I love the angle the dog is, and the painting is displayed.”

Member’s Choice Award ($100) - "Dew It Again" by Barbara Teusink

People’s Choice Award (Ribbon) - "Love Blooms Here" by Sonya Diimmler

2D Artwork Awards - Masters

First Place – Masters ($300) - “The Way Home” by Barbara Teusink

Juror Comments: “First Place goes to Barbara Teusink for The Way Home. I can see that it’s trying to say something very specific without just being a rendering. It’s a straightforward subject matter, trees, and a road, but there’s just something about how she handles the information that’s in here. How she moves the eye through edge – the hard edges come forward, the softer edges… She didn’t go in and detail out every leaf; it’s implied. So, I love this mixture of hard and soft movement that’s in it. It’s an evocative piece. I can relate to it because I’ve been down this road. I probably even know where this road is. So, good job Barbara, wherever you are!”

Second Place – Masters ($250) - "Contemplation” by Anne Hightower-Patterson

Juror Comments: “I chose this painting by Anne Hightower-Patterson called Contemplation for Second Place. It’s a very touching piece. There’s a lot of emotion in it. There are a lot of decisions that I notice that I don’t know if everyone will notice. The little tiny things, the way the figure is placed on the page, leaving this empty space. There’s just a hint of color back in there. It’s got this sort of Wyethesque kind of quality to it which I give her kudos for. This is very well drawn, extremely well modeled in watercolor which is very hard. My favorite little thing is this little edge right here, this little edge break, so that your eye doesn’t just zip out of the plain. So: beautiful, thoughtful, evocative. Good job Anne!”

Third Place – Masters ($225) - “Decompression” by Rebecca Horne

Juror Comments: “Congratulations go to Rebecca Horne for her Third Place piece. I love a painting that I can’t quite figure out how it’s done. Nice handling of the medium. It is mixed media. These dominantly cool tones are balanced of the little bits of gold, warm gold. I like the energy in it. It is nice - solid shape making. I like this. Do more of these things because that is just really good looking. That’s a nice solid piece. Good job!”

Weathers Contracting Award – Masters ($100) - "Love Affair” by Sonya Diimmler

Palmetto Fine Arts Award – Masters ($100) - “End of the Line” by Anne Hightower-Patterson

Ann Sweeney Memorial Award – Masters ($75) - “Crossing the Causeway” by Debra Kelly

Patron Award – Masters ($75) - “Play Ball” by Renea Eshleman

Merit Awards – Masters ($50) - “Time of Reflection” by Carol Hartman

Merit Awards – Masters ($50) - "Come Fly Away with Me” by Dale Bishop

2D Artwork Awards - Amateur

First Place – Amateur ($200, sponsor: Tommy & Sharon Thompson) - “Chuck” by Stephanie Arnold

Juror Comments: “First Place goes to Stephanie Arnold for Chuck. It is Prismacolor, colored pencil on a black background I’m assuming. While it’s a straightforward portrait, the drawing is super solid. The construction of it is really good. The choice of the black behind it gives this sort of gritty quality which goes with the guy. So, good job!”

Second Place – Amateur ($175) - “Ted and Dash Waiting on the Mailman” by Britty Pointer

Juror Comments: “Second Place goes to Britty Pointer for Ted and Dash Waiting on the Mailman. And Britty, she might want to bump up to the next category. She’s got solid painting skills. There’s a real emotion. I think she likes animals. I do too. I like her paint handling on this: the richness, the suggestion of fur without trying to paint the fur and the juxtaposition of the hazier background that’s sort of scumbled in. It’s a nice combination. So, thumbs up!”

Third Place – Amateur ($150) - “Abe and Marvin Taking a Stroll” by Britty Pointer

Juror Comments: “Third Place goes to Britty Point for Abe and Marvin Taking a Stroll. There’s a lot of emotion in this piece. It’s the way the paint is handled. It’s delicately done, it’s not overwrought, and there are not a lot of redundant strokes everywhere. It’s a painting that, the more I look at it, the more I like it. There’s a real fondness for the animals that I can tell in the work. I like the point of view because it’s not quite eye level view – it’s a little lower and it feels kind of like Disney’s Incredible Journey. It’s two unlikely friends walking through and there’s a real charm to it. So, good job Britty. Keep up the good work!”

Weathers Contracting Award – Amateur ($100) - “Childhood Joy” by Stephanie Arnold

Patron Award – Amateur ($75) - “Exploring” by Bebe Way

Merit Awards – Amateur ($50) - “Look What Popped Up in My Garden” by Brenda Clark

Merit Awards – Amateur ($50) - "Le Chat Gris” by Lainie McWilliams

Joe Counts Memorial Award – Amateur ($50) - “Sand and Water” by Kate Heald

Photography Awards

First Place – Photography ($125) - “Rhino at Rest” by Erdal Caba

Second Place – Photography ($100) - “Ruby Throated A-Wing” by Brian Fox

Third Place – Photography ($75) - “Ashes” by Kimberly Case

Patron Award – Photography ($50) - “Marsh Patrol” by Kay Fox

Merit Award – Photography ($25) - “Shadows and Reflections #1 by Randy Spencer

3D Artwork Awards

First Place – 3D Artwork ($125) - “Octopi” by Jim DiFrancesco

Juror Comments: “Best in 3D goes to James DiFrancesco for Octopi. It’s clever and that’s what I like. I love the use of the chains as the legs. I don’t know what the body is, but I like the adapting. As one who teaches creativity, I love seeing artists adapt from other sources and creating something new out of used things. It’s good looking. I love the finish on it. The whole thing is kind of playful and dark at the same time. So, it’s the best of 3D. Good job!”

Note: 3D Artwork is a newer category for our show. In accordance with the rules outlined in the prospectus for this show, the available awards in the 3D Artwork category were scaled in proportion to the size of the entry in the category.

Graduation Certificate for Britty Pointer

A special congratulations also goes out to Britty Pointer for successfully fulfilling all the requirements to graduate from amateur to masters status by demonstration of her skills and winning first through third place in the amateur status three times in the past three years.

Welcome to the Masters Division Britty!

(see photos of all the artwork at


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