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2nd Annual Chapin Fall Arts Festival

CCAL Exhibit Booth

On a beautiful sunny fall day, CCAL had a great exhibit booth at the 2nd Annual Chapin Fall Arts Festival from 9am-4pm on October 21, 2017. Helping to setup, man the booth and breakdown were: Al Leitch, Barbara Teusink, Tommy Thompson, Bobbi Sorensen, Sonya and David Diimmler, CJ Marchese and Adriana Vidal. Also displaying art in their own booths (and helping to promote the league) were: Adriana Vidal, Alex DiFrancesco, CJ Marchese, JJ Casey and Ruby DeLoach. A great big THANK YOU to everyone for their part in helping the league and to Gerald Caldwell of The Coffee Shelf for hosting and organizing the event!

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