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The Coffee Shelf Artist: Barbara Teusink - April - June 2023

CCAL congratulates Barbara Teusink, one of the featured artists in The Coffee Shelf Gallery for April through June 2023. Barbara is a longtime very active member of CCAL, currently serving as Webmaster, Social Media Chair and Community Art Chair.

Come out and help celebrate the new owners of The Coffee Shelf and their dedication to continuing to serve Chapin with good drinks, good food, good art - what could be better?

Congratulations, Barbara!


oil painting of a pink lotus "Luminous Lotus" by Barbara Teusink
"Luminous Lotus" by Barbara Teusink

Artist Statement

Using line and color to create visual representations of the many glorious beauties in our world is magic to me. I love that there is always something more to learn and try, but nothing thrills me more than to have someone be moved and drawn in by one of my works.

About the Art:

(Original Oil Paintings)

Luminous Lotus -- 24 x 36, $825

Sky Lights -- 22 x 29, $795

Superb Starling -- 8 x 8, $225

Mellow -- 6 x 7, $165

Morning Glow -- 9 x 12, $290

Hanging Red Hibiscus -- 5 x 5, $95

Reflections of Autumn -- 9 x 12, $225

Stormwater Fairy Tree -- 7 x 5, $95

Kingfisher -- 5 x 5, $95

Hope -- 9 x 12, $225

Reflective Marsh -- 6 x 8, $160

Roostertude -- 12 x 12, $215

Waters Edge -- 5 x 7, $95

Backlit -- 5 x 5, $95

Citrus Fiesta -- 5 x 7, $125

Easter Bunnies -- 5 x 7, $125

Peanut Butter Pie -- 5 x 7, $125

(Giclee Prints)

Deep Red -- 8 x 10, Framed Print on Paper Mounted on Panel, $55

Caymanian Lily -- 8 x 8, Framed Print on Paper, $35

Artist Bio:

Photo of artist:  Barbara Teusink

Barbara Teusink is an award-winning artist with oil paintings hanging in private collections across the US. A Crooked Creek Art League Master Artist, she has won multiple First Place awards as well as numerous other awards in local and regional competitions. She is a juried-in member of Oil Painters of America. Her work has been featured in a book: The Great American Paint-In (available on Amazon).

In her youth, Barbara loved drawing and other creative pursuits. However, in college she took the “sensible” route and earned a business degree. Her artistic pursuits were put on hold during her many years of a demanding career. Upon retirement, she decided to rekindle her creative side and took up painting.

A big believer in the power of community in both art and life, Barbara is very active in the Crooked Creek Art League. A multiple term past president, she currently runs the digital presence for CCAL as well as planning and managing the League’s community art projects all around Chapin.

Barbara’s subjects reflect the natural world with florals, birds, animals and landscapes. A contemporary realist, she strives to capture and preserve the fleeting moments of life; an expression, the light, the season, a striking arrangement, or scene. Barbara also accepts commissions. She loves working with clients to help bring their memories and ideas to life in a custom painting. She offers private lessons and mentoring for aspiring artists.

See more about Barbara at:


CCAL Gallery Host:

The Coffee Shelf Logo

The Coffee Shelf has long been a place to enjoy a wonderful brew and tasty sweets in a comfortable environment. What better place to also enjoy art? We are excited to partner with The Coffee Shelf to showcase the artwork of local artists.

Two artists are featured in this gallery with each display. Each artist has a 8x10 wall to display a dozen or more pieces of wall hanging artwork. The displays rotate every two months. The gallery, which is located in the lobby of The Coffee Shelf at 130 Amicks Ferry Road in Chapin, is open to the public during normal business hours.

For more on our public galleries, click HERE.


Interested in becoming a gallery display artist? For more information or to be selected as an exhibit artist, contact our Public Gallery Coordinator.


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