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Sozo Fitness Gallery Art - May 2021

Please join us in congratulating this month's featured artist in the "Sozo Fitness Gallery", JJ Casey, with her cheerful dragonfly painting.

Mixed Media Painting: "Dragon Fly" by JJ Casey
"Dragon Fly" by JJ Casey

About the Artwork

Title: "Dragon Fly"

Size: 16x20

Media: Mixed Media

Price: $NFS

Photo of artist: JJ Casey

Artist Bio

Artist Statement:

Bright Colors and Design artistically inspire my Art work. My art style matured while working in several National Parks. I developed my own style of impressionism while surrounded by nature's beauty. I live on Lake Murray, in Chapin, SC where I find peace and joy surrounded by nature's beauty. My love for life and bright colors expressed in my paintings, is my hope that others will have a sense of excitement as they view my artwork.

Artist Bio:

J J was artistically inspired by nature growing up on the Miller Farm in Orangeburg, SC. Educated at Columbia College, she worked with the Casey Fireworks family business and raised three children. During the years of personal growth, J J worked in several national parks where she developed her own style of impressionism inspired by the beauty of nature. She finds peace and joy painting at her residence on Lake Murray, Chapin, SC.

J J has won awards and honors in the Lake Murray Magazine, Crooked Creek Art League Juried Art Show and South Carolina State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit. She is currently exhibiting in Chapin at Palmetto Fine Arts, First Community Bank, Chapin Chamber of Commerce, TAPS Gallery at Crooked Creek Park, Chapin United Methodist Church, South Carolina State Parks, Table Rock, Hickory Knob, Keowee Texaway, WWII Doolittle Raiders B-25's, South Carolina State Museum, South Carolina Pickens County Museum.

Her chosen media are watercolor, mixed media, collage, and monoprint.

You can see more of JJ's work on this website at

For more Information:

Call JJ Casey at 803-932-2711

Email JJ by clicking HERE.


CCAL Gallery Host:

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Sozo Family Fitness

Sozo Family Fitness is proud to host a guest artist display each month in the "Sozo Family Fitness Gallery". In addition to helping Chapin get fit, Kara is an enthusiastic supporter of the arts in Chapin. We are thrilled to be working with Sozo to showcase more art in town.

The gallery is located in the front lobby at Sozo Fitness at 510 Columbia Avenue. It hosts a piece of art by one of Crooked Creek Art League's artists on a monthly rotation.

For more on our public galleries, click HERE.


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