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Chophouse of Chapin/Deca Art Gallery Opens!

Chophouse of Chapin Logo

Chapin has some great new additions! The all new high end steakhouse, Chapin Chophouse, in conjunction with it's sister offering, Deca Dessert Bar, are now open. CCAL is thrilled to be a partner to these great new establishment by offering a rotating art exhibit by some of the area's greatest local artists.

The gallery is located on a share inner wall within the restaurant at 301 Columbia Avenue in Chapin (across from the High School). It will host a collection of art by one of Crooked Creek Art League's artists on a three month rotation.

Thank you so much to Danny Bokinac and the whole Happy Fork crew for being great partners to our community and for their support of the arts!

For more on this and all our other galleries, click HERE.


The inaugural display in the gallery showcases artwork by artist Tommy D. Thompson.

Inaugural exhibit with Tommy Thompson artwork

The display includes the following artwork:

About the Artwork

"Migration Series: The Loggerhead Hatchling Scramble - Migration #5" - Acrylic, 33x27 (HW), $850

"Ladybugs on the Move - Migration #1" - 30x24 (HW), Acrylic, $850

"Many Monarchs - Migration #3" - 36x24 (HW), Acrylic, $850

"Window of Opportunity" - 36x36 (HW), Acrylic, $795

"Red Circle" - 44x33 (HW), Acrylic, $700

"Russian 7" - 33x43 (HW), Acrylic, $1,500

"Splatter" - 27x33 (HW), Acrylic, $795

Photo of artist: Tommy Thompson


Tommy D. Thompson, a multiple Best in Show winner, has been painting since 1965. He has taught numerous classes and workshops in the greater Columbia metropolitan area since 1989. For the past 10 years, in addition to his watercolor landscapes, he has been concentrating on large, contemporary artwork on board and canvas.

Both his watercolor and acrylic paintings are included in private, corporate and South Carolina State Government collections. His most recent one-person shows were at the Chapin Town Hall in Chapin, South Carolina in 2020, the Art Center in Aiken, South Carolina in 2017 and "City Art Gallery" in Columbia, South Carolina in 2016. He earned signature status of the South Carolina Watercolor Society and is an active member of several Columbia area and state art associations. He has been awarded signature status as a Nautilus Fellowship member in the International Society of Experimental Artists.

His work can be viewed at his studio ( in Chapin ) or Palmetto Fine Arts of Chapin, South Carolina, at his online CCAL gallery page and on his website at


For the last several decades the advances in polymer science have had a dynamic effect on art material. The advent of current acrylic paint and especially the acrylic mediums have opened many new avenues for individual expression. I have always been fascinated by the intensity of colors and the representation of light and shadow in my work. Now, the new acrylic mediums have allowed me to introduce another dimension to the paintings – texture and relief surface work. I work primarily in acrylic paint for my large pieces on canvas. These are contemporary, abstract style paintings, and average about 30 X 40 inches and larger.

My real "love", however, is in doing small watercolors. This is what I teach, and have the most fun creating. I have prints made of these and use them as Christmas cards and note cards. These average 8 X 10 inches or smaller, and usually represent rural scenes which I remember from the time I spent growing up in rural Kentucky.


CCAL Gallery Host:

Chophouse of Chapin Logo

Chophouse of Chapin


Deca Dessert Bar Logo

the Deca Dessert Bar

The Chophouse/Deca Gallery is located inside the Chophouse of Chapin on inner wall shared with the Deca Dessert Bar at 301 Columbia Avenue in Chapin (across from the High School). We are excited to partner with the Happy Fork restaurant group to showcase the artwork of local artists.

A collection of art by one to two artists is featured in this gallery in a display that rotates every three months. The gallery is open to the public during normal business hours.

For more on this and all our other galleries, click HERE.


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