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2021-2022 Outstanding Member of the Year: Maureen Carter

Photo of Maureen Carter, 2022 Member of the Year

We had 9 outstanding candidates for Member of the Year for 2021-2022: Maureen Carter, Sonya Diimmler, Alex DiFrancesco, Kay Fox, Lainie McWilliams, Sandra Oliver, Bobbi Sorensen, Kay Stallings and Barbara Teusink. All were outstanding and deserving candidates for all that they have done for the league. So many great choices made it tough to decide!

We are certainly lucky to have so many wonderful and active members!

Voting was conducted online.

This year’s recipient of Member of the Year is: Maureen Carter.

From President Kay Fox: "Maureen has selflessly served 7 years on our board as Treasurer and other volunteer capacities. She Keeps up with our finances, produces financial reports and keeps out checks and balances without err. She is an unsung hero. Overseeing our large multiple funds is not an easy task. All our records are handled professionally and accurately. She assists with providing information for our grants. She is an advocate for the League and its members as she is participating everywhere we need volunteers. I am honored to recognize Maureen Carter as our MOY."

Maureen was nominated by three individuals.


"Maureen (along with many of our board members!) has selflessly served the league as Treasurer and in other voluntary capacities as well for 7 years now. Keeping up with money coming in, expenses going out and financial reports is long tedious work and I think she should be commended!"


"Maureen is an unsung hero for the League. She has served as treasurer for the League for a number of years and is a long-time member of the Executive Board. All financial reports and records are handled professionally and accurately. She prepares reports and assists in providing financial information for grant applications. In addition, Maureen supports the League through participating in workshops, entering juried shows, hanging art in the League’s public galleries, volunteering for community projects, and attending all Board and League meetings. She is a true advocate for the League and it’s members."


"Being in charge of our large multiple funds is not easy and is thankless. Maureen does an excellent job with our checks and balances."

We want to extend congratulations to Maureen and extend to her a big THANK YOU for all her hard work and dedication. The league has benefited greatly from all her diligence in keeping our finances straight along with all the other hard work she regularly does!


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