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2020-2021 Outstanding Member of the Year: Sandra Oliver

Photo of Sandra Oliver, 2021 Member of the Year

We had 4 outstanding candidates for Member of the Year for 2020-2021: Maureen Carter, Sandra Oliver, Kay Stallings and Barbara Teusink. All were outstanding and deserving candidates for all that they have done for the league. A number of people noted how difficult it was to choose.

We are certainly lucky to have so many great and active members!

Voting was conducted online.

This year’s recipient of Member of the Year is: Sandra Oliver.

Sandra was nominated by five individuals.

NOMINATION BY KAY FOX: "Sandra has led us through the Covid-19 Pandemic like a champion. She goes above and beyond what is needed of her. She is available by phone to answer any and all questions. Leadership is a lonely position unless you are Sandra Oliver. She reaches out to all and makes everyone feel important. Leadership is a thankless job that not many enjoy. I love seeing her smile when we could zoom or get together to gather art."

NOMINATION BY LAURA MAYES ROSSER: No additional text provided.

NOMINATION BY ALEXANDRA DIFRANCESCO: "For the second year, Sandra has been president of CCAL. During Covid-19, Sandra put together a plan to the board and we started virtual board meetings and member meetings. She has always been there to lead us through the tough times."

NOMINATION BY MAUREEN CARTER: "I nominate Sandra Oliver as the CCAL Member of the Year. She has been our President for the last two years and as we all know, this past year has been a real challenge. Sandra has lead all our virtual meetings and has worked tirelessly on every committee and activity the league has done. If something needs to be done, she is right there, pitching in or leading the charge.

She is diplomatic, organized, enthusiastic and a calm voice of kindness and reason. Sandra is an extremely capable leader and easy to work with. She stays on top of every event making sure all bases are covered.

We are so lucky she has been our President during this most trying year. Sandra deserves both our thanks and this honor."

NOMINATION BY DONNA REID: "I vote for Sandra Oliver as she has taken the presidency two years in a row and works very hard to keep everything running smoothly in these strange times. She is very accessible when you have a question and need a quick answer and she has done a great job!"

Comments from members voting for Sandra were:

  • "Sandra Oliver responds quickly and keeps Art League members informed. She is a pleasure to work with and has kept us together throughout this pandemic 2020.2021."

  • "Sandra is always calm, pleasant, and willing to take on any task given her."

  • "So dependable and thorough with work and kindness."

  • "I'm sure it wasn't easy to steer CCAL through "Pandemic year". Sandra did a great job!"

  • "I am very thankful to Sandra for holding our art league together during this most difficult year. Sandra is such a wonderful person and working with her these past few years at CCAL has been a blessing to me!!!"

  • "This was a tough one. In my eyes this should be a tie between Barb and Sandra. The 2 of them worked tirelessly to keep the league up and running. Sandra also took on public gallery chair along with her other duties, while Barb kept the tech aspect going and we so needed that this year. I voted for Sandra because Barb has received (and earned) the honor twice before, but I really wish we could give it to the both of them!!!!!!!!!!"

We want to extend congratulations to Sandra and a big THANK YOU for her hard work and dedication. The league has benefited greatly from all her hard work and efforts during this most challenging of years.


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