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Artistic Prosperity Artist April 2019: Ingrid Carson

Please join us in congratulating Ingrid Carson exhibit at the Prosperity Town Hall! Her artwork will be on display now through the end of the month.

One Man Art Show for Ingrid Carson

Artwork Included in the Show:

Informative II - 30x30 - Mixed Media - $600

XRay Vision 2 - 20x20 - Mixed Media - $300

Wishful Thinking - 21x26 - Mixed Media - $600

Performance Jitters - 24x30 - Oil on Canvas - $600

The Gathering - 20x20 - Acrylic - $300

Music of the Mind - 30x30 - Mixed Media - $600

Artist's Statement:

From Realism to Abstraction and Back

Art by Ingrid Carson

As a student of the arts, studio art classes initiated me in a realistic, traditional style. Much of my early work was influenced by the old masters (Renoir, Pissarro, Van Gogh, etc). I studied drawing, and painted landscapes, portraits, and still life settings in oils. The colors were life like and subdued. The process was a journey of learning and experimenting. As an artist, my work has evolved into a style unique to me. The exhibit, “From Realism to Abstraction and Back,” is a progression of work using models to create lifelike drawings and adding totally non objective marks and symbols. Some call it, “painting from within.” After the drawing, the process is somewhat like Jackson Pollack’s work, “throwing paint at a canvas.” I applied the paint randomly then scraped, stamped, and wiped. Several of the artworks in the exhibit have no intentional message. I am always pleased when a viewer perceives a message within the artwork. The message may or may not have been intentional on my part. It may have been subconscious. Many of the titles were derived from comments made by friends and artists who were the first to see the work. The colors are bright and bold. My intent is to present an alive and happy exhibit that draws the viewer into the painting and makes a connection.

Photo of artist Bebe Way

​​​​Artist's Bio:

​​Ingrid Carson has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art from Columbia College. Her double major was in drawing and photography, but she has since been recognized for her realistic oil paintings and abstract mixed media work. A founder in the Crooked Creek Art League, she remains active in the league and is currently a member of the Seven Oaks Art League, the Trenholm Artist Guild, About Face, and the South Carolina Watermedia Society. She has served as Exhibit Chairperson for the Crooked Creek Art League and worked for the State Fair Fine Art Department. She was awarded the State Fair Achievement Award for “Exemplary Service and Outstanding Contributions to the Arts.” Ingrid is an oil painting and mixed media instructor in her home studio in Irmo, SC, and has exhibited and won awards in numerous shows including; First Place at the Union County Arts Council; First Place at the Sandlapper Art Exhibit; First Place at the Seven Oaks Art League Annual Exhibit; Crooked Creek Art League Annual Exhibit; Trenholm Artist Guild Annual Exhibit; Artfields, Lake City, SC; the South Carolina State Museum of Art, Columbia, SC; Burroughs & Chapin Art Museum, Myrtle Beach, SC; and The Florence Art Museum.

You can see more of Ingrid's artwork at

You can reach Ingrid by clicking HERE.

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