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2021-2022 Member of the Year - We need your vote!

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Each year, CCAL recognizes a special member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to benefit the league. They are recognized for the important work they have done in addition to any assigned duties. Sometimes those efforts are very obvious and sometimes it's for a myriad of behind the scenes efforts that have helped to move the league forward. ​

We are honored to have such great members that this is always a tough choice each year. To each of the candidates, we owe a debt of gratitude!

Fellow members have nominated the following individuals as deserving of recognition as the 2020-2021 CCAL Member of the Year. A copy of the reasons why the people making nominations felt these individuals were worthy of this special recognition are provided. Please review each of the candidate nominations carefully and let us know YOUR vote!

In order to give us adequate time to prepare for recognizing the winner at the May 16 meeting, please cast your vote at by Monday May 2. If you have any questions about this please let Kay Fox know at

If you prefer, you may email your vote to


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