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Valued Partnership - Public Galleries and Crooked Creek Art League

Crooked Creek Art League is proud of our partnership with twelve area organizations and businesses known as Gallery Hosts. Each hosts a Public Gallery, that generously allows our member artists the opportunity to display their work on a rotating one-, two-, or three-month period. Ten of the Public Galleries are located in Chapin, while there is one each in Lexington and Prosperity. Visitors and employees of these organizations and businesses are treated to a variety of art by local artists, and CCAL members are encouraged to patronize these businesses. The League appreciates and values the support of all of our Public Galleries participants. We also thank our member artists for volunteering to share their art.

All CCAL members are invited to participate in the Public Galleries initiative by signing up in one of three ways.

  1. Click on the link to complete your application online. Public Galleries Artist Application | CCAL (

  2. Sign up at our September meeting.

  3. Contact Allyn Bedenbaugh, Public Galleries Coordinator at In addition to having the art on display locally, the artist and organization or business are featured in an article on the CCAL blog and posted on the CCAL Facebook page. Some of our Public Galleries also post the art on their social media. Most of the art is also available for sale by contacting the artist directly.

If there is a suggestion that a business or organization be added to the Public Galleries list, we request that the suggestion be sent to the Public Galleries Coordinator or to the President for Executive Board approval prior to contacting the business or organization.

The venues and the display times are shown below along with the number of artists displaying in parentheses.

One-Month Displays

Blue Lavender Spa (1 artist – 1 piece)

Chapin Chamber of Commerce (1 artist – 1 piece)

Sozo Fitness (1 artist – 1 piece)

Two-Month Displays

Family Practice of Chiropractic (1 artist – 2-3 pieces)

Palmetto Fine Arts and Framing (2 artists – 6-12 pieces – PFA handles sales, 20% commission)

Three-Month Displays

Chapin Library (1 artist – 6-12 pieces)

Chapin Town Hall (1-2 artists – 10-12 pieces)

DECA/ChopHouse (1-2 artists – 6-12 pieces)

O’Hara’s Bakery & Cafe – Lexington (2 artists – 15-25 pieces)

Prosperity Town Hall – Prosperity (1 artist – 6-12 pieces)

The Coffee Shelf (2 artists – 12+ pieces)

TAP Gallery Display Case at Crooked Creek Park 2D or 3D (1 artist – 9-20 small 3D or 2D pieces on your easels, 12” max height to fit on shelves)


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