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The Coffee Shelf Artist: Jan Lane - July through September 2024

CCAL congratulates Jan Lane, one of the featured artists in The Coffee Shelf Gallery for July through September 2024. Jan is an active member of Crooked Creek Art League and an an award-winning artist.

Come out and help celebrate the new owners of The Coffee Shelf and their dedication to continuing to serve Chapin with good drinks, good food, good art - what could be better?

Congratulations, Jan!


an oil painting of cattails and lily pads in a small pond by artist Jan Lane
"Cattails & Lily Pads"

About the Art:


"Cattails and Lily Pads" - 8" x 10", oil, $95

Row 1

"Under the Water" - 12" x 16", oil, $240

"Waiting to Go" - 8" x 10", oil, $95

"The Willow by the Pond" - 9" x 12", oil, $120

Row 2

"Springtime at Riverbanks Zoo" - 8" x 10", oil, $95

"Mountain Lake View" - 9" x 12", oil, $120

"Old Barn" - 9" x 12", oil, $120

Row 3

"Paddling at Twilight" - 9" x 12", oil, $120

"Along the Stream, Colorado" - 12" x 16", oil, $240

"Misty Evening on the River" - 11" x 14", oil, $165

Row 4

"Among the Cypress Trees" - 9" x 12", oil, $120

"Garage" - 11" x 14", oil, $165

"Into the Cove" - 8" x 10", oil, $95

Row 5

"Crossing the Street, Honduras" - 12" x 12", oil, $175

Artist Bio

Jan Lane

Jan’s art career was put on hold while homeschooling her children and then caring for her mother, however, creating has always been a passion for her. Through the years it manifested itself in many areas in her life but now she is able to focus on oil painting.  


Jan enjoys painting either on location (plein air) or in her studio and continues to be amazed at how a few strokes of paint can bring an object to life. Through classes, workshops, and coaching, Jan is constantly striving to learn new skills and is enjoying the challenge.


Crooked Creek Art League has provided many opportunities to display her paintings. She has won a merit award and a first-place award in the CCAL juried shows. She has also been chosen as an Artist-in-Residence for the State Parks for the last two years.


Working in oils, Jan paints in a representational style with vibrant colors yet with a subtle tone that enhances the effect of light. Her paintings are inspired by the many beautiful places that she has traveled and by her love of nature, each giving a sense to the viewer that they are witnessing the scenes for themselves. 

To see more of Jan's work please visit her website at or her Facebook page at Jan Lane Art. 


CCAL Gallery Host:

The Coffee Shelf Logo

The Coffee Shelf has long been a place to enjoy a wonderful brew and tasty sweets in a comfortable environment. What better place to also enjoy art? We are excited to partner with The Coffee Shelf to showcase the artwork of local artists.

Two artists are featured in this gallery with each display. Each artist has a 8x10 wall to display a dozen or more pieces of wall hanging artwork. The displays rotate every two months. The gallery, which is located in the lobby of The Coffee Shelf at 130 Amicks Ferry Road in Chapin, is open to the public during normal business hours.

For more on our public galleries, click HERE.


Interested in becoming a gallery display artist? For more information or to be selected as an exhibit artist, contact our Public Gallery Coordinator.


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