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The Coffee Shelf Artist: James DiFrancesco - October through December 2022

CCAL, congratulates James DiFrancesco, one of the featured artists in The Coffee Shelf Gallery for October through December 2022. He is displaying some of his metal art

Good drinks, good food, good art - what could be better?

Congratulations, James!


James DiFrancesco

metal art featuring a sea turtle by metal artist James DiFrancesco
"Sea Turtle" by metal artist James DiFrancesco

Artist Statement

I create my art when something inspires me in nature or life itself. I enjoy making the art I create because it lets me use all the skills I have acquired over time and learn new ones.

and angel metal art by artist James DiFrancesco

metal art octopus by artist James DiFrancesco

About the Artwork:

"Sea Turtle" - metal art, 3' x 2' x 2", 7 pounds, $249

"Angel" - metal art, 3' x 38.5" x 6.5", 20 pounds, $599

"Octopus" - metal art, 30" x 22" x 4.5", 10 pounds 11 ounces, $300

Artist Bio:

James DiFrancesco working on his metal art

James DiFrancesco

James is a welder / fabricator. He lived in Connecticut and then moved to Oregon where he went to school for welding before moving to Chapin, SC in 2015. He has loved working with his hands since he was a child. From building with Legos, to fabricating metal into shapes. He achieved a welding degree at Clackamas Community college in Oregon. The passion came alive for him when he was in welding school, he saw what could be done to metal when you understood the metallurgy and what needed to be done to form it into art. When he looks at metal while he’s traveling, he doesn't see just metal; he sees that the metal had to undergo some sort of procedure to be shaped or formed that way. He enjoys what he does and puts that love and effort into his art. James is currently a member of Crooked Creek Art League


CCAL Gallery Host:

The Coffee Shelf Logo

The Coffee Shelf has long been a place to enjoy a wonderful brew and tasty sweets in a comfortable environment. What better place to also enjoy art? We are excited to partner with The Coffee Shelf to showcase the artwork of local artists.

Two artists are featured in this gallery with each display. Each artist has a 8x10 wall to display a dozen or more pieces of wall hanging artwork. The displays rotate every two months. The gallery, which is located in the lobby of The Coffee Shelf at 130 Amicks Ferry Road in Chapin, is open to the public during normal business hours.

For more on our public galleries, click HERE.


Interested in becoming a gallery display artist? For more information or to be selected as an exhibit artist, contact our Public Gallery Coordinator.


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