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The Artists Place (TAP) Gallery Art - Nov 2022/Jan 2023

The TAP Gallery Best in Show for November/January is Barbara Teusink's oil painting, Reflections of Autumn. The theme was Fall Colors/Fall Designs. Once again, we thank the park's staff for selecting the Best in Show every month.

an oil painting of colorful autumn trees reflecting in a body of water
"Reflections of Autumn" by Barbara Teusink

About the piece

Reflections of Autumn

Oil on paper mounted to hard board panel

9" x 12" (unframed)

12-1/8" x 15-1/8" (framed)


Artist Bio

Barbara Teusink

Artist Barbara Teusink

Using line and color to create visual representations of the beauty in our world is magic to me. It's so rewarding to have someone drawn in by my work. I believe a passion for learning is vital in creating art and love discovering something new with each painting. My goal is to capture the fleeting moments of life; an expression, gesture, the light, the season, or striking arrangement. In each piece, I strive to capture the elusive magical play of color and light.

While young, I loved creative pursuits. Later, I took the "sensible" route and earned a business degree. For years, I put my artwork on hold. When I retired in 2012, I decided to rekindle my creative side and took up painting. I’m so glad that I did!

My work has been shown and awarded in numerous exhibitions including multiple First Place wins. It hangs in private collections across the US. I am an active member, past president, webmaster/digital director, community art manager and Master Artist in the Crooked Creek Art League.

All Fall Colors/Fall Designs paintings may be viewed in the lobby of Crooked Creek Park until January 16, 2023. Thank you to all CCAL artists who shared their colorful paintings.

The theme for January is Street Scenes which will be hung at the next general meeting on January 16, 2023.


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