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Spotlight Artist March 2021: Mary Collette

Please join us in congratulating the Spotlight Artist of the Month: Mary Collette! Art is always best when viewed in person so stop by and say hello, see the art and thank the Chamber for all that they do for our community. We appreciate them being supporters of the arts as well!

Please join us in congratulating Mary on her beautiful artwork.

Original Acrylic Painting: "Hiking" by Mary Collette

About the Artwork:


Size: 28 ½” x 16 ½” (with frame)

Medium: Acrylic

Price: $350

From the Artist:

This painting was inspired by a photo sent to me. It is a friend that is walking on a very sunny day through large birch trees. The sun was so strong that day, everything radiated of yellow sunlight.

Photo of Artist: Mary Collette

Artist Bio:

Mary Collette

My husband is retired military. We have spent over 23 years travelling with three children to different countries. During our travels, I have (as have many other moms) created works of art for schools, churches and social events.

I have always loved to paint and draw. While working in Charleston, I had the unique opportunity to spend my lunches watching the students at Gibbs Art School. Observing the art teachers’ instructions, had helped to further my understand and appreciation of art.

About two years ago, I attended an evening class on acrylic art. I had dabbled in oil but preferred how quickly acrylic dries. The instructor was Barbie Mathis at City Art and a member of TAP. Through her encouragement, I have continued to paint. I also had the chance to meet Melony Stuckey (a member of the South Carolina Water Media Society) who provided instruction on improving my artwork. I continue to experiment and grow as an artist. I love to paint realism of things that inspire me such as places we have been, events in our lives or just something that catches my eye.

I am a native of Massachusetts. We settled in Summerville in 2003, where my husband and I worked in Charleston for a number of years. Following our retirements, we settled in Lexington in 2015. I joined CCAL in 2019 after attending a Still Hopes Art exhibit. Mary's painting "Durango-Silverton River" won First Place in the 2020 CCAL Still Hopes Exhibition.

For more Information: Email Mary by clicking HERE.


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