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New Brochure!

Crooked Creek Art League is pleased to announce an addition to our League.

Fan of CCAL Brochures

We have a new brochure highlighting the variety of activities available to current and prospective members. As an updated brochure had not been published in several years, we recognized the need for one to have to display in our booths for community activities such as Chapin’s Labor Day Festival, Arts Festival, and Farmers Markets. Sponsors and visitors to our shows and booths often ask if we have a brochure about the League. Copies of the new brochure will also be available in all of our public galleries. You may view the brochure on our website by clicking on Member Resources and then Brochure.

We refer to the new brochure as our “timeless” brochure. This means that, although the basic information and text will rarely change, we can change the photos to keep the brochure current. For example, the Best in Show for this year’s Juried Show, Plowing Hell – COVID by Dale Bishop, is featured on the front; and photos throughout are from more recent League activities. Next year’s cover will be the 2023 Best in Show, and it could be your work! Our generous sponsors and supporters are also recognized in the brochure.

We owe a huge “thank you” to Kerry Summer from Chapin Magazine, who volunteered her time and expertise in helping us design the layout, select photos, and edit text. She is an advocate for arts in Chapin and the Crooked Creek Art League. In addition, we thank the executive officers and committee chairs who helped in proofing and re-proofing.

If you would like a personal copy, you may print a copy from our website. Although the brochure is designed to fit on 8-1/2” x 14” paper, most printers will adjust the print to 8-1/2” x 11”. If you need print copies to share or place in a business other than one of our public galleries or for another organization of which you are a member, you may contact Sandra Oliver by email HERE.


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