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January 2021 Meeting Video Online

We thank all our members in attendance for our January 18, 2021 Monthly Members Meeting. We had a great meeting with 38 members in attendance. Many thanks also to our presenter, Jan Swanson, who treated us to a tour of her amazing studio and shared a wealth of information about her process for creating her award winning mixed media collage artwork.

Due to COVID and in light of increased safety and social distancing guidelines, this meeting was conducted via Zoom. A recording of the meeting is now available online for anyone who wasn't able to join us.

Watch the video of the meeting:

Note: Attendance at this meeting counts toward Member in Good Standing (MIGS*) for entry into the Annual Juried Show.

*MIGS = Members in Good Standing = Members who have attended at least 3 meetings in order to be eligible for the next juried show. Eligible meetings occur in Apr, May, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. All members are being granted credit for having 'attended' the April meeting since our meetings in April and May were cancelled. You can verify your MIGS status at: (members password required to view.)

Door prize winners ($10 Amazon Gift Card each):

Ginger Robinson

Peggy Bleiburg

Allyn Bedenbaugh

Note: If you prefer to watch just the presentation portion of the meeting go to:


A reminder to our members:

A reminder to our members about the TAP Gallery Wall Display:

The theme for this month is “It Makes Me Smile.” If you have a painting or photograph that

makes you smile, please drop it by the park and hang it in the TAP Gallery. Even though we are

not able to hold our monthly meeting at the park, there are still a lot of people in and out of the

facility. In the past, the park staff has determined their “favorite” piece, and a ribbon was

awarded. We need more than just a couple of pieces from which they can select.


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