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Congratulations to The Winners!!!

We had a wonderful awards reception this year. CCAL is delighted that this is our biggest show yet with 61 artists and 158 pieces. We are blessed to have such amazing talent for this year's show - the artwork is incredible. A total of $4,625 awards were made including to many of our newer members! The exhibit is rich in talent and diversity and ALL the artists deserve congratulations for their pieces.

It takes many hours to plan and hold the show each year and this year we've had to adjust our plans to accommodate our growing space requirements for both the artwork and the reception. MANY volunteers donated countless hours to make it possible and they all deserve our thanks and congratulations as well. Juried Show Chairs Kay Stallings and Lainie McWilliams have done a fantastic job bringing all the details together for this year's 28th annual show.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the many exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers as well as our jurors. All of whom made all this possible!

Video of the awards ceremony will be posted on our YouTube channel soon for those of you who missed it. (

2023 Best in Show

2023 Best in Show Winner: "Triumphant Rain", Oil Painting by Robert "Vic" Shuler
2023 Best in Show Winner: "Triumphant Rain", Oil Painting by Robert "Vic" Shuler


Group photo of all the 2023 CCAL Juried Show Award Winners
L2R back row: Cathy Schwalm, Kimberly Case, Lainie McWilliams, Siara Pineda, Stephanie Arnold, Anna Kay Singley, Bobbi Sorensen, Barbara Teusink, Jan Lane, Erdal Caba, Lin Huff, Vic Shuler, Rebecca Horne, Yvonne Beyer, Lisa Alberghini, Tommy Thompson, Dale Bishop, Kerry Summer. Front row: Diane DeFord, Brenda Peake, Shirley Britton, Olga Yukhno, Lois Thornhill, Brenda Clark

(see photos of all the artwork at

Awards Open to All Categories

Best in Show ($400) - "Triumphant Rain" by Robert "Vic" Shuler

Juror Comments: “Exquisitely rendered and placed reflections, strong figures, and exciting pops of color against grey and blacks turn what would otherwise be a drab, miserable day in a frequently-painted setting into a beckoning scene full of possibilities. This one pulls the viewer across the room wanting to see more.”

The Braddock Group Legacy Award ($125) - “Gentle Giant” by Lisa Alberghini

Chapin Pediatrics Award ($125) - “Done for the Day” by Ron Weathers

Irmo Insurance Award ($125) - “Point of View” by Shirley Britton

Laura Huggins Law Award ($125) - “Nautilus” by Dale Bishop

The Art of Dentistry Award ($125) - “It’s a Spring Dance” by Karen Jamrose

Mungo Homes Award ($125) - “Sunset over the Rice Paddies” by Jan Lane

City Art Award ($100 Gift Certificate) - “Gratitude.” by Lin Huff

Invitation Postcard Award ($50) - “A Good Day” by Kerry Summer

USC Associate Juror’s Award ($50) - "Deep Red” by Barbara Teusink

Benedict Associate Juror’s Award ($50) - “Metamorphosis” by Anne Hightower-Patterson

Member’s Choice Award ($100) - "Triumphant Rain" by Robert "Vic" Shuler

People’s Choice Award (Ribbon) - "Triumphant Rain" by Robert "Vic" Shuler

2D Artwork Awards - Masters

First Place – Masters ($300) - “Where are Those Peeps!?!" by Anna Kay Singley

Juror Comments: “This painting caught me with well-chosen, well-placed colors and shapes, then held me with texture, whimsy, and just enough detail. An excellent treatment of the “checkerboard frame” genre, this painting holds its own.”

Second Place – Masters ($250) - “Metamorphosis” by Anne Hightower-Patterson

Juror Comments: “Lovely placement of the subject, interesting shapes, and color placement combine with the frank sincerity of the girl’s direct gaze to touch and hold hearts. Who could walk away from this child?”

Third Place – Masters ($225) - “Dreams of the Rainforest” by Rebecca Horne

Juror Comments: “This artist has a wonderful understanding of texture and when to use it. An unusually successful use of the greens that surround us but are difficult to carry off well. Interesting shapes combine with textural shifts and a wide value range to turn possible composition “killers” into a world the viewer can sink into.”

Weathers Contracting Award – Masters ($100) - “Deep Red” by Barbara Teusink

Palmetto Fine Arts Award – Masters ($100) - “Treasure Bucket” by Brenda Peake

Chapin Magazine Award ($100) - “Sailing Sunrise” by Stephanie Arnold

Ann Sweeney Memorial Award – Masters ($75) - “Street Band III” by Bobbi Sorensen

Patron Award – Masters ($75) - “April Snaps” by Anne Hightower-Patterson

Merit Awards – Masters ($50) - “Dapple Gray Day” by Brenda Peake

Merit Awards – Masters ($50) - “Harbison Lake” by Robert ‘Vic’ Shuler

2D Artwork Awards - Amateur

First Place – Amateur ($200) - “Afterglow” by Shirley Britton

Juror Comments: “A simplified complementary palette, backlighting, lost-and-found edges, and appropriately softened textures combine to build an undeniable mood. Add to this the artist’s attention to detail and a composition that changes the combined shape of the swans from bull’s eye to intriguing and evocative, and you have a painting that stands out in its category. A very strong painting, all in all.”

Second Place – Amateur ($175) - “Men at Sea” by Cathy Schwalm

Juror Comments: “Wild water, wind, multiple figures, and built-in ship fittings: this artist loves a challenge. A dominance of gray and semi-neutral shapes set off well-placed pops of color for a strong composition. The water reads well, and the figures are believable. Even the dangerous placement of the round bucket in the lower right corner serves to strengthen the composition rather than weaken it — not an easy feat. Love that fish.”

Third Place – Amateur ($150) - “Jazz” by Lois Thornhill

Juror Comments: “This is another riveting piece that is hard to walk away from. Pattern and texture are a huge part of this painting’s success, as is the interweaving of colors with black. Even someone who doesn’t like jazz can experience and understand the joy and wide range of feelings lovers of the genre enjoy. Bringing the textural “bubbles” into and through the subject unifies the painting and guides the eye through the less textured hat, shoulder, drums and base. Elegant linework in the lower half.”

Weathers Contracting Award – Amateur ($100) - “Aurora” by Judy Maples

Peak Aesthetics Award ($100) - “Gold Linings” by Siara Pineda Sozo Fitness Award ($100) - “Campbell’s Covered Bridge” by Sandra Wilkie Patron Award – Amateur ($75) - “Ari’s Flowers” by Lainie McWilliams

Merit Awards – Amateur ($50) - “Tulips” by Brenda Clark

Merit Awards – Amateur ($50) - “The Sky is a Neighborhood” by Judy Maples

Photography Awards

First Place – Photography ($125) - “Spoonbill Hoop Skirt” by Erdal Caba

Juror Comments: “Simple, elegant and vibrant. Sharp focus. High contrast with a unique closed composition. A traditional wildlife art piece that evokes a contemporary vibe. A technically excellent artwork that showcases the beauty in nature while commanding your attention. Congratulations to the artist.”

Second Place – Photography ($100) - “Brightly Colored Glassware” by Diane DeFord

Juror Comments: “A very contemporary take on a still-life composition. Interesting lines with loads of visual interest; reflections within reflections. This piece is all about light and line with a unique color palette. I only wish it was printed larger so that I could explore it in more detail.”

Third Place – Photography ($75) - “Peek-a-Boo Pelican” by Bryan Beyer

Juror Comments: “Is this a landscape or a living animal? Fantastic rolling ridgelines with exceptional use of texture throughout. Subtle colors and unified palette. Technically sharp and well-executed open composition. A fascinating abstract quality while still feeling alive.”

Patron Award – Photography ($50) - “Petal Cascade” by Yvonne Beyer

Juror Comments: “Superb use of a monochrome palette. Nice bokeh in the background with a sharp foreground. Excellent use of pattern to lead the eye throughout the composition. All the jurors were impressed.”

Merit Award – Photography ($25) - “Outpouring” by Kimberly Case

Juror Comments: “Strong understanding of lighting the human figure. Attention was paid to the model's hands and feet being softly illuminated while focusing attention on the face. Excellent composition and I like the choice of surface material for the print. It has a painterly feel while clearly still a photographic work.”

3D Artwork Awards

First Place – 3D Artwork ($125) - “Too Much” by Olga Yukhno

Juror Comments: “Art is communication on a deep level. This is a thoughtful piece that communicates pain and a sense of damage being done by both persons to themselves. The irony of barriers erected as “protection" is clearly illustrated. The loss of possibilities is painful to see. So are the similarities in the individuals on either side. This piece is well conceived and sculpted. The glazing linework is sensitive and purposeful, thought-provoking and uncomfortable — just like living in these times. The composition is adjustable, but designed to work anyway. Well done.”

Second Place – 3D Artwork ($100) - “Africa” by Lois Thornhill

Juror Comments: “This assemblage of national colors and culturally significant items make a strong statement about the richness of a culture. Shape, linework, and symbology are carefully intertwined, leading us from one set of shapes to the next. Worn, they will instantly relate with each other and carry the eye from piece to piece. The unexpected shapes in the neckpiece both intrigue and satisfy, carrying a syncopated beat through to completion when worn with the other pieces.”

Third Place – 3D Artwork ($75) - “Hope” by Olga Yukhno

Juror Comments: “Expressively conceived and sculpted/built, this piece makes a statement and connects to the heart not just through body language and expression, but through the glazes and markings that bring to mind the battering that life can give. Yet we still go on. This piece tells a story, which is central to truly moving art. This story gives the viewer a way to coax out and examine their own feelings in their own personal way. Also, the size of the piece was a challenge in itself. Very good job.”

Patron Award – 3D Artwork ($50) - “Cutting Up I” by Anna Kay Singley

Merit Award – 3D Artwork ($25) - “Assemblage on Burlap” by Tommy Thompson


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