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Congratulations to The Winners!!!

2020 Best in Show

2020 Best in Show Winner: "Inquiring Mind" Watercolor Painting by Shin Wilbanks

"Inquiring Mind" by Shin Wilbanks

See photos of all the winners at

This was our biggest show ever this year with a total of 151 works of art across 4 categories, and a total of 63 artists participating for awards totaling $3,925! The exhibit is rich in talent and diversity and ALL the artists deserve congratulations for their pieces.

In addition, it takes many hours to plan and hold the show each year. Many volunteers donated many hours to make it possible and they all deserve our thanks and congratulations as well. Juried Show Co-Chairs Barbara Teusink and Kay Young have done a fantastic job bringing all the details together for this year's extra special 25th Anniversary show.

We want to take a moment to recognize our original founding members who organized and kept the league going all these years, especially the four founding members still active in the league: Jennie Branham, Frances Burris, Ingrid Carson and Faye Meetze.

We also extend our gratitude to all the many exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers who made all this possible!


Awards Open to All Categories

Best in Show ($400) - “Inquiring Mind” by Shin Wilbanks

Juror Comments: “This piece immediately grabbed my attention from the first pass through the show. The artist’s execution and handling of the medium, the skill of the drawing, and the color vibration and selection, all helped bring a beautiful harmonious feeling to this piece of art. Compositionally engaging, this piece also draws the viewer in and around to all the little interesting passages it has to offer, and the more it is observed, the better it becomes.”

City Art Award ($100 Gift Certificate) - “Rainbow Falls” by Al Leitch

The Braddock Group Legacy Award ($100) - “Citrus” by Richard Robertson

Chick-fil-A Ballentine Award ($100) - “Caroline” by Stephanie Arnold

Diimmler’s Catering Award ($100) - “Cuban Ladies Work Connected” by Karen Jamrose

Irmo Insurance Award ($100) - “Romance at the Winery” by Robert Carlsson

S&S Destination Trucky’s Award ($100) - “Low Tide” by Barbara Teusink

Invitation Postcard Award ($50) - “Heading Home” by Ann Sweeney

USC Associate Juror Award ($50) - “Angel Oak” by Erdal Caba

Benedict Associate Juror Award ($50) - “Emily III” by Anne Hightower Patterson

Member's Choice Award ($100) - Announced at Reception

People’s Choice Award (ribbon) - Announced at Reception

2D Artwork Awards - Masters

First Place – Masters ($350) - “Light Reading” by Anne Hightower Patterson

Juror Comments: “What is initially impressive about this piece is the artist’s grasp on the understanding of the medium. The fluidity of the transparent and opaque passages move the viewers eyes with ease around this compositionally sound watercolor. Not just a portrait, but also a thematic scene, with figure surrounded in landscape and personal space, engage the viewer to the comfort she shares in the enjoyment of an afternoon read.”.

Second Place – Masters ($250) - “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Ron Weathers

Third Place – Masters ($225) - “Convergence” by Julie Larkin

Weathers Contracting Award – Masters ($100) - “The Gathering Storm” by Tommy Thompson

Palmetto Fine Arts Award – Masters ($100) - “White Heron” by Shin Wilbanks

Patron Award – Masters ($75) - “Life Cycles” by Dale Bishop

Merit Awards – Masters ($50 each) - “Soothing Sunshine” by Karen Larrabee

“Nature’s Energy” by Karen Jamrose

2D Artwork Awards - Amateur

First Place – Amateur ($200) - “Street Band” by Roberta Sorensen

Juror Comments: “Creativity and movement are the first words that help describe this first place winner in the Amateur section. The balance between and within the composition work very nicely to move the viewer’s eye to each player, while the subtle touch of information allows just enough pause before continuing around this harmonious and visually musical piece.”

Second Place – Amateur ($175) - “Let’s Go!” by Britty Pointer

Third Place – Amateur ($150) - “A Southern Path” by Peggy Bleiberg

Weathers Contracting Award – Amateur ($100) - “Precious” by Dianna G. Smith

Patron Award – Amateur ($75) - “Sails at Dusk” by Roberta Sorensen

Merit Awards – Amateur ($50 Each) - “Balloon Fest” by Carol J. Blackwood

“Look Out the Window, It’s Snowing” by Brenda Clark

Photography Awards

First Place – Photography ($125) - “Looker” by Brian Fox

Juror Comments: “This great image of a cardinal looking into the camera has a nice center of interest, great technical excellence, good story telling, nice color balance that extends into the excellent frame and matting and excellent presentation. It has a clean background. Very nice work!”

Second Place – Photography ($100) - “Sunny Boy” by Brian Fox

Third Place – Photography ($75) - “Purple Passion” by Roger Buenzow

Patron Award – Photography ($50) - “Palamedes Swallowtail” by Brian Fox

Merit Award – Photography ($25) - “Thirsty Bobcat” by Erdal Caba

3D Artwork Awards

First Place – 3D Artwork ($125) - “Lizard Lid Jar” by Nancy Mandish

Juror Comments: “The harmonious tones of the patina on this piece were quickly impactful on the 3D first place winner. Once engaged, the viewer is sprinkled with delicate bits of information and moving pieces that help describe this appropriately titled piece of art. Balance and technique played a large part in the overall presentation, as the viewer is allowed to enjoy this piece from all perspectives.”

Second Place – 3D Artwork ($100) - “Catherine’s Crown” by Jane Osmelowski

Third Place – 3D Artwork ($75) - “A Piece of Edisto” by Anne Hightower Patterson

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