Photo of Chris Groves

Lead Juror: Chris Groves

Photo of John Herrel

Photography Juror: John Herrel

Benedict College Associate Juror: Michael Cherry

USC Associate Juror: Amanda Morgado

By the Numbers

Artists: 63 Total Artists

  24 2D Masters, 28 2D Amateur,

9 Photography, 5 3D Artists

Entries: 151 Total Pieces

58 2D Masters, 60 2D Amateur,

22 Photographs, 11 3D Artworks

Awards: $3,925 Total Awards

$1,150 2D Masters, $850 2D Amateur, 

$375 Photography, $300 3D Artwork, $1,250 Open to All


41 Oil Paintings, Average Value $540

31 Watercolor Paintings, Average Value $308

22 Photographs, Average Value $148

24 Acrylic Paintings, Average Value $369

8 Ceramic Pieces, Average Value $316

11 Mixed Media Paintings, Average Value $635

2 Metalwork Pieces, Average Value $85

7 Pastel Paintings, Average Value $463

4 Drawings, Average Value $211

Awards Reception Program

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2020 Juried Show Program Cover
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