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Chapin Town Hall Featured Artist Mar-Apr 2020: Ron Weathers

Please join us in congratulating Ron Weathers for being featured in the Chapin Town Hall Gallery. His fabulous artwork will be on display through March and April.

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Photo of artist: Ron Weathers

Artist Bio: Ron Weathers

Painting is a personal time for me, a chance for my enjoyment, my expression and a sense of accomplishment. In the solitude there is a time to reflect and create. I hope that my desire to create, will produce something that will be enjoyable to the viewer. Often the encouragement or criticism from others challenges me to learn more and grow in my artistic ability.

The inspiration for my artwork comes from my surroundings and from my travels. There is an abundance of painting reference in nature, in rural and urban areas. I enjoy capturing the essence of marshes of the low country, the street scenes of bustling cities, the serenity of old barns of the country sides, the man-made structures of boats and architecture. I can be found in my studio painting from photo reference or in the outdoors painting “Plein Air”. I find that my expression in my artwork is somewhere in-between abstraction and realism, more like impressionism.

My artwork becomes a visual record of “my story”. It is my hope as my artwork tells “my story”, that it will, much more importantly, point to The One who gives “my story” meaning.... The One who is the great artist, the great creator, the maker of color and life, our companion and provider, The One who gives our small stories meaning.

You can see more of Ron's work and make purchases on his website at and you can reach Ron by clicking HERE.


CCAL Gallery Host:

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The gallery is located in the Community Room in the Chapin Town Hall at 157 NW Columbia Avenue. It will host the artwork of one of Crooked Creek Art League's finest artists on a two month rotation. The Town is a big supporter of the arts in Chapin and we are thrilled to be working with them to showcase more art in town.

For more on the gallery, click HERE.

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