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Artistic Prosperity Artist Jan-Feb 2020: Betty Schneider

Please join us in congratulating Betty Schneider for her exhibit at the Prosperity Town Hall!

Betty has some wonderful artwork on display so go check them out! Check them out and get by to see them in person if you can!

One Man Art Show for Betty Schneider

Photo of Artist: Debi Kelly


​​Artist's Bio:

Betty Schneider

I'm 82 years old, I took lessons in oil from different teachers, I did many seminars, with Dorthy Dent and I do use her technique in my paintings.

For more Information: Email Betty by clicking HERE.


CCAL Gallery Host:

The gallery can be located throughout the Prosperity Town Hall Offices at 305 N. Main Street, Prosperity, SC 29127.

For more on the gallery, click HERE.

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