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Spotlight Artist October 2018: Roberta Sorensen

Congratulations to our Spotlight Artist of the Month for October: Bobbi Sorensen!

Oil Painting "Watching for the Winter Birds" by Roberta Sorensen

"Watching for the Winter Birds"

About This Piece:

Title of Work: “Watching for the Winter Birds”

Artist: Roberta Sorensen

Size: 24” x 36”

Medium: Oil

This is a painting of my daughter Terri, first drawn from life more than 40 years ago when she was a child. The drawing was used as a study for a painting this past year. “Terri” had a hand full of birdseed; she would open the sliding window and put seeds out on a deck covered in snow, and watch for the birds to come and – as she said – have lunch. I loved the beautiful folds of her nightgown and the light that came through the window. My having a painting to remember this day is extremely special. The painting won a Merit Award at the 2018 Crooked Creek Art League Juried Show.

Photo: Artist Roberta Sorensen

Artist Bio

Roberta Sorensen studied art at the University of Maryland, but subsequently had a long

career in Washington DC, working on Capitol Hill and for a number of physician organizations as a legislative expert and association executive. She retired a little over a year ago and now if trying to devote time to painting and experimenting with other art mediums. She finds working with the Crooked Creek Art League, with its many accomplished and generous artists, a welcome challenge and opportunity to grow as an artist.

You can reach Bobbi by clicking HERE.

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