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CCAL Artist at Artfields

Olga Yukhno is a member of the Crooked Creek Art League who has a pottery piece selected to be included in the annual Artfields exhibit in Lake City this year.

The installation is called Meditations and it will be displayed at the ROB from April 20 to 28. People can vote for as many pieces as they like.

Here is a beautiful description of her sculpture.


The concept of Meditations is the idea of using art as a way of being present, and in the moment. I have been an artist almost all my life, and have worked with so many different media, and in so many different styles, that sometimes the focus moves away from just enjoying the creation process. This piece is a spiritual experiment on myself, in which only a single piece is worked on in a given day. So instead of focusing on the exterior factors, that might affect the design process, as each piece is being sculpted or glazed, it gets my full and undivided attention. It is a way of being mindful and aware of every emotion, feeling, or event throughout the day, and capturing that feel into a single work. Every single piece is a representation of that moment in time. For the installation, all of these sculptures have been brought together into a single exhibit, to convey a bigger picture through their placement, creating a larger vision, but as each individual part is observed, the happiness, anger, sadness, joy, pain, and the whole spectrum of daily life can be seen within each.

Congratulations to Olga on having her piece selected. We wish her well in the competition!

For those that may not make it to Artfileds - Lake City - Here is a link to the Artfields web page where you can

view all the entries. The Gallery is alpabetical. Click Here

To send Olga an email, please click HERE.

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