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TAP Gallery Winner

We want to give congratulations to the most recent TAP Gallery Themed Show winner: Russ Rambo!

The theme of this exhibition was Coastal Marshes.

Acrylic painting: "Piering Out" by Russ Rambo
"Piering Out" by Russ Rambo

About the Artwork:

Title: "Piering Out"

Media: Acrylic

Size: 9x11

Price: $125

From the artist:

"I appreciate that my work “Piering Out” was chosen. The price is $125 for this piece. I am 57 and have been painting on and off for the last 15 years. I paint in a few mediums. Acrylics, oils and watercolor are my main mediums. It is a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy. My children and family usually confiscate my paintings for their homes. And I love that!

This piece named “Piering Out” is a 9x11 acrylic painting taken from a picture that my daughter took on a stormy overcast day."

A reminder to our members:

Normally, each month, we hold a new themed contest in the TAP Gallery. As a reminder, on May 16 we will instead hang the artwork from the Annual Contest - Treasures in My Backyard. Those artwork will hang in the TAP Gallery artwork during our summer break. All CCAL members are invited and encouraged to participate. See more about the contest HERE.

Apr 18 - May 16

  • The Artists Place (TAP) Gallery theme: Coastal Marshes

May 16 - Sept 19

  • The Artists Place (TAP) Gallery theme: Annual Contest Artwork

About the Artist

Russ Rambo

Photo of artist: Russ Rambo in studio

You can reach Russ by clicking HERE.


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