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Preparing for the Chapin Art Trail

Excitement is building as we continue preparations for the new Chapin Art Trail!

Chapin Art Trail logo

CCAL is working with the Town of Chapin to set up an ongoing Chapin Arts Trail. The idea is to include all authorized public works of art and art related sites in the greater Chapin area on a website and other promotional materials that will enable citizens to engage in an ongoing self-guided tour of the area and its many works of public art.

This area is rich with talented local artists and art lovers. There are quite a few pieces of public art throughout the area and new ones are being added all the time. The Chapin Art Trail seeks to beautify the community with public art displays created by local artists.

One of the best parts of visiting an area is finding all the wonderful things that make it unique. Artwork is a vital part of that and enriches our daily lives. Murals, statuary, gardens and sculptures make places more interesting and memorable. The Chapin Art Trail, which we are actively working toward launch, is designed to celebrate public artwork and make it easier for members of the public to find and enjoy. All authorized public works of art in the greater Chapin area will be mapped out on this website at and other promotional materials designed to enable citizens to better access and appreciate the art. You are encouraged to participate in an ongoing self-guided tour of the area and its many works of public art. You can go in any order and view as many as you like during your visit.

See the article in the most recent Chapin Magazine all about this exciting new community art project.

Article on The Chapin Art Trail (from the Sept/Oct 2021 Issue)

We are currently building our listing of available community art within the community and getting owner permission to include the artwork on the trail. If you know of artwork or arts related sites that you think should be included on the Chapin Art Trail, please let us know at

The Chapin Art Trail is made possible, in part, through the fantastic support and participation of local businesses and property owners who have agreed to share the artwork they own with the community. Please respect their property and let them know how much you appreciate the artwork and their sponsorship!


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