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Nov 2022 Meeting Video Online

We thank all our members in attendance for our Nov 21, 2022 Monthly Members Meeting. Our presenter for the meeting was Kimberly Case. In her presentation: Making the Best of Things: The Pandemic, the Self-Portrait, and the 90-Year-Old-Book, Kimberly shared with us her backstory, influences, thoughts on portraiture, and she delved into how she creates the aura seen in her artwork. We had 55 Members and 2 guests in attendance. Thank you to everyone for participating!

Watch the video of the presentation:

Note: Attendance at this meeting counts toward Member in Good Standing (MIGS*) for entry into the Annual Juried Show.

*MIGS = Members in Good Standing = Members who have attended at least 3 meetings in order to be eligible for the next juried show. Eligible meetings occur in Apr, May, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. All members are being granted credit for having 'attended' the April meeting since our meetings in April and May were cancelled. You can verify your MIGS status at: (members password required to view.)

Door prize winners were: Yvonne Beyer, Rajas Londhe and Erdal Caba


A reminder to our members:

A reminder to our members about the TAP Gallery Wall Display:

Each month, we hold a new themed contest in the TAP Gallery. All CCAL members are invited to participate. A monthly Best in Show will be selected and awarded a ribbon. Happy creating!

Nov 21 - Jan 16

  • The Artists Place (TAP) Gallery theme: Fall designs, Fall Colors

View the full list of all Upcoming TAP Gallery Themes so you can plan and create ahead!


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