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New Workshop!! - "Painting Real People in Watercolor"

Crooked Creek Art League is pleased to offer an all new workshop opportunity!

Learn to love painting real people in watercolor with a master of the craft - Kate Aubrey.

Graphic for "Painting Real People in Watercolor" workshop


When: Mar 2, 3 & 4, 9am-4pm Where: Art Room, at Crooked Creek Park

Workshop Description (from the instructor):

People fascinate me. Their moods, their quirks, their private loves. Their feelings large and small. These are the things I strive to capture with paint and brush. Accomplishing this depends upon what is left out at least as much as what is included. In this 3-day workshop, students will learn how to create features in a portrait that will go farther than a simple likeness. Students should have some prior experience in watercolor. Come prepared to paint!

Day 1: Creating a likeness

Morning: through hands-on, guided exercises and short demos, students will discover the importance of skin tones and the eyes and how to render, then paint them accurately and sensitively.

Afternoon: we will continue with the nose and mouth.

Day 2: Ears, Hair, and Incorporating a Background

Morning: working with Day 1’s exercises, students’ questions will be addressed. Students will also Afternoon: through hands-on, guided exercises and short demos, students will learn how to begin incorporating the background and hair into a portrait.

Day 3: Painting a real person - emotions and all

Using a photographic reference (yours or mine) and demonstrations, students will finish laying out and work on a portrait that speaks. Particular attention will be given to brushwork, watercolor techniques ranging the gamut from bold and loose to tight drybrush and when to use each one for heightened emotional impact, as well as how to convey drama through values. Students will practice creating believable skin tones, as well as learning how to mix harmonious darks and how and where to apply them to help build a solid composition.


Registration is open to CCAL members for $275. 

Registration is open to non-CCAL members for $300

Visit our workshop page to learn more and register.

Or, contact our workshop chair, Sonya Diimmler at to reserve your seat.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.


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