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Looking Ahead... March 2022 Juried Show Volunteers

Graphic: Together, We got this

The annual CCAL Juried Show in March is our single largest event of the year. It takes a lot of planning ahead and many willing and able hands to make it all possible.

As members, we need your help! We need financial support, help getting sponsors, help with setting up the show, taking down the show and the reception. We normally pass around a donation and volunteer sign up sheet at our meetings. Since everyone may not be in person, that may not work as efficiently. Please email Kay Stallings and/or Lisa Alberghini or click below to volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunities include:

Being a Sponsor for/Finding Sponsors for the Show (now through Feb 1)

Our ability to award cash prizes is dependent on our ability to raise the funds to cover the prizes. No amount is too small (or too large).

Show Registration/Art Take-in (Saturday February 26, 10am-2:30pm)

Reception Roles (Friday, March 18, 6-8pm)

Reception Setup (3:30-6pm)

Manning the Reception (registration table, directing traffic, working on refreshments, etc.; 6-7:30pm)

Reception Cleanup (7:30-8pm)

Bringing Refreshments (deliver before 6pm)

Show Takedown/Art Pickup (Saturday March 26, 11am-2pm)

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer

Thinking of becoming a volunteer? See a list of reasons that will help you make up your mind.

#10: It’s good for you.

Believe it or not, but giving of your time for a good cause does wonders for your physical and mental health. Your stress levels are reduced and your mood improves. By focusing your efforts on improving others’ lives, you’re more likely to lift your emotions to a positive place, decrease your tension-producing patterns which means less stress and a happier you.

#9: It saves resources.

Volunteering provides valuable league services so more money can be spent on direct service to our artists and the art community.

#8: It brings people together.

The best way to get the most out of the league is to get to know and interact with your fellow artists in the league. Working together on a common goal is a great way to make that happen.

#7: It builds self-esteem.

A volunteering experience can see your personal growth shoot through the roof. You’re exposed to a community you’re often not used to being a part of and you learn so many new things. Your new-found knowledge is coupled with the fact that you feel absolutely great because you’re helping others. It does wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

#6: It strengthens the community within the league.

Volunteers are the ones who bring a great sense of teamwork and camaraderie to an organization. They’re also involved with many different types of people from a host of different cultures and walks of life. It takes a village to put on an art show. Working alongside one another helps build a common bond with your fellow league members.

#5: You learn a lot.

A great way to have better success in showing your artwork is to better understand how a show works: why it is hung the way it is, how it is judged, what 'little things' can make all the difference for an entry. Volunteering helps you learn different things about the artwork and how shows work which can lead to your personal and professional growth as an artist. Volunteers often discover their hidden talents and ideas which can directly improve their artistic self-confidence.

#4: You get a chance to give back.

Often volunteers decide to get involved because they want to give back to the league community they know and love. It’s also an opportunity for people to support league resources that they use themselves, or that they know makes a lot of difference to uplift the community.

#3: You'll have fun!

Spending a few hours with your peers and fellow art lovers can be a lot of fun!

#2: You're needed!

No work is small, and volunteers are extremely valuable resources for any organization. Whether it’s about financial, mental or physical contribution – everything together matters a lot.

#1: You make a difference.

Every person counts! Every volunteer can make a difference. Don’t underestimate your potential. No matter how small your steps are, you have the potential to make a big difference! If the past year has taught us anything, it is that we all need each other. If you’ve been thinking of stepping out of your comfort zone to do something worthwhile this year, then this is your chance.


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