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Dale Bishop - Runner-Up in Koger Center's Annual Artistic Competition

a painting of Main Street with various animals, people, flowers, and buildings
"Main Street Rousseau" by Dale Bishop

Congratulations to Dale Bishop, runner-up in the Koger Center's The Project: A 2022 Call for Art. Her entry is "Main Street Rousseau." This is the Koger Center’s annual artistic competition that supports the work of South Carolina visual artists. The Show will be exhibited in July 2023 at the Koger Center.

An active member of Crooked Creek Art League and an award-winning artist, Dale's painting, "Plowing Hell - COVID," received Best in Show at the League's 27th Annual Juried Show in 2022.

Other entries for The Project: A 2022 Call for Art including the winner, Nick Brutto, may be seen on the Koger Center's Facebook pages.

Congratulations, Dale!



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