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CCAL Member Randy Spencer Has Received Several Awards

Congratulations to Randy Spencer for the awards he has received during the summer. As most of you know, Randy is both an accomplished artist and a published author.

  • Won the Forum Prize from the Poetry Society of South Carolina in May for a poem entitled "Silences"

  • Received top 2022 award from Kakalak, a literary journal in North Carolina, with a poem about the war in Ukraine, "Ukrainian Anthem"

  • Kakalak will also publish "Mahamari," a poem that travels across many years back and forth to India

  • Kakalak will publish "Hook House," a photograph of Randy's painting of the home of the first mayor of Irmo, now an office for Edward Jones

  • Earlier this year Randy had a prize-winning short story, "Ghost Ship," that came out in "Fall Lines."

Indeed, Randy has had a busy summer!


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