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CCAL Artists at Artfields 2022

Photo Header with crowd and words "2022 Accepted Artists"

2022 marks ten years of ArtFields. ArtFields is a diverse and celebratory exhibition, showcasing hundreds of works selected from submissions from artists across the Southeast. The accepted artwork represents a wide range of subject matter, media, and creative approaches. The submission process is extremely competitive, with more than 1,000 submissions for entry. Included artwork will be on exhibit in Lake City, SC during ArtFields, from April 22 - 30, 2022.

We are excited to announce that THREE CCAL artists have been juried in to this year's show.

Jane Couch-Osmelowski

Photo of woven artwork "Looking Out My Back Door" by Jane Couch-Osmelowski
"Looking Out My Back Door"

Artist Statement

My weaving, “Looking out my back door” (remember Creedence?) reflects on staying at home (during a pandemic), translating a daily view into an artistic vision and creating a sculptural weaving.

Artist Bio

Photo of the artist Jane Couch-Osmelowski

Jane Couch-Osmelowski is an artist living and working in Columbia, SC. She earned a BA in Art from Winthrop University and a MAT in Art Education from the University of SC. She retired from a combined 38 year career as an art educator, both as an elementary art teacher and an adjunct instructor in Art Education at the University of SC. Earth and Sea Pottery began as an outlet for Jane to explore functional ceramic art forms through a variety of processes. Her pieces vary from traditional wheel-thrown, hand built and slab thrown on forms on the wheel. She digs red clay from her yard to enhance and pigment her pieces, and embellishes them with a variety of sculptural organic forms to evoke images from the sea. Recently she has been creating sculptural crowns for commentary on society, celebrations and narrative themes. She also is a fiber artist who creates weavings both on her antique loom and on a tapestry loom. Her work is found at her home studio and in galleries in SC.


You can contact Jane by email HERE.

Kimberly Case

Photograph: "In the Time of Covid" by Kimberly Case
"In the Time of Covid"

Artist Bio

Photo of the artist Kimberly Case

Kimberly Case is a visual artist focusing on fine art portrait photography.

In 2018 her portrait creation Girl with Sword won Best of Show in the professional category of the SC State Fair, notably being the first and only photograph to ever take that prize in the 150+ years of the fair. In 2019, The Laborer won the Blue Ribbon in Professional Photography, while Girl with Wheat won a Merit award for Professional Photography. In 2021, Airborne won the Blue Ribbon for Professional Digital Photography,

Her first solo art exhibition was held at Ramco Framing and Design in the summer of 2019, and showcased over 70 fine art portraits and still life photographs. In the Fall of 2019, she was part of a multi-artist show “Collections” at Rob Shaw Gallery on State Street, Cayce, SC. In September 2021, she also was part of a two-artist show of figurative work at the Rob Shaw Gallery. In November, she was part of the gallery's “Fall Back Fest” multi-artist show.

Works by Kimberly have been exhibited at the Spartanburg Fringe Festival (2019) and the 701 Center for Contemporary Art’s “Columbia Open Studios City Hall Exhibition” (2020).

In September 2020, her two entries into the Advanced Fine Art category were selected as finalists in the Augusta Photo Festival: A Pause Before Resuming and The Bell. Honorable Mention was awarded for The Bell. In December 2020, her two entries were juried into the Crooked Creek Art League's “Still Hopes Exhibition”: Airborne was awarded the People's Choice ribbon and High Tea was awarded First Place for Photography.

Also, in 2020, her series In the Time of COVID was selected for display at The Koger Center for the Arts, the winner of their “1593 Project” call for art. This exhibition will run April 5-August 13, 2021.

In January 2021, her artwork High Tea was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Art of Tea exhibition hosted by the Art League of Baytown, TX.

In March 2021, two of her art pieces, In the Time of COVID and Winding Down, were selected to hang in the Tuolumne County Arts In Focus photography competition, Sonora, CA. In the Time of COVID won 2nd Place in the “COVID Times” category.

In March 2021, The Laborer won First Place Photography in the Annual Crooked Creek Art League Competition. In December 2021, The Bell won First Place in Photography in the 4th Annual Still Hopes Art Exhibition with the Crooked Creek Art League.

Her art piece In the Time of COVID was selected to be a part of Artfields 2022 in Lake City, SC.

Kimberly's art pieces are in private collections across the Southeast. Her artwork has been published internationally many times.

Incorporating sometimes fantastical themes, wardrobe and props, her photographs are often mistaken at first for oil paintings, due to their tones and aura. Hallmarks of her work are richness and whimsy. “It is my joy to create reflections that allow the subjects to see themselves in a familiar, yet new, light. I seek to transport the viewer to a different place and time that is still somehow well-known. In my art, I portray themes of quiet strength. The images have a peaceful calmness to them.”

Kimberly is lead photographer and co-owner at Studio 3P, LLC in Irmo, SC.

Olga Yukhno

Photo of artwork "Unwitting Victims" by Olga Yukhno
"Unwitting Victims"

Artist Statement

“As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such a twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of darkness.”

-William O. Douglas Supreme Court Justice (1939-1975)

Now, more than ever, our society is on fire with debates and fights about every event that occurs. People are separated more than they have ever been. All of these feelings are being fueled by politicians and political parties pitting us against one another, dividing us along generational lines, racial lines, gender lines, income lines, pressing to widen every crack. It leads us to view each other as enemies, not even listening to what anyone else has to say. Those who are supposed to represent us, and act in our best interest instead only do what is best for their own needs. They distract us, and we are just drowning in the process as casualties of their ambition to accomplish their political, strategic, or financial goals, no matter the damage to regular people. We are in William Douglas’ twilight, and we are quickly becoming unwitting victims.

Artist Bio

Photo of the artist Olga Yukhno

Olga Yukhno is an artist originally from Pyatigorsk, Russia. It was in Russia her passion for art began. Inspired by the culture of her home country, she started by working with batiques, stained glass and enameling. She studied under world renowned enamellist, Nikolai Vdovkin for several years to hone her skills, before moving to the United States in 2008.

In the US, she no longer had access to the tools needed to continue with her enameling, and quickly started expanding into any and every new medium she could get access to. What she fell in love with was ceramic sculpting. It allowed her to experiment, and fuse together old-world artistry with her skills and abilities across a wide variety of art forms to create totally new and unique mixed media pieces.

Over the years, Olga has traveled to over 40 countries across Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and the Americas, and visited museums ranging from the world famous Louvre in France, to the smallest unnamed art displays in towns and villages few outsiders have ever seen. It is in these travels she gets the most inspiration, drawing on the uniqueness and culture of every new place she visits, she finds ways to incorporate those cultural nuances into each new piece she makes. The colors, shapes, and ideas of everything from tribal masks to modern street art can be seen woven into her work. She loves juxtaposition in her art, old and new, lustrous and weathered, and it’s in these contrasts she finds beauty.

As a member of the International Federation of Artists, Olga has taken part in many shows and exhibitions in both Russia and the United States. In 2006, she won the International Design Contest for Traditional National Costumes in Moscow. She has been featured in multiple solo exhibitions, including at the Bascom Art Center, and several galleries in North and South Carolina. She has completed courses and taught at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina, and has studied under many acclaimed sculptors in the South East Currently her work is a mixture of three dimensional ceramic and mixed media wall pieces, figurative sculpture, and larger scale installation works. The process used to create many of her signature looks is achieved by hand pressing each individual impression into the clay using small custom made metal tools. She hand makes all of these tools herself out of repurposed architectural metal scraps. She also loves to incorporate found objects, as well as utilize techniques from other art forms she’s studied and practiced, such as weaving, encaustic and metal working. The result of this process, different incorporated elements and techniques are what create her unique and visually interesting personal style. Her degree in psychology shapes the ideas and concepts behind many of her pieces, with the intention that observing her work encourages the viewer to think more about what they’re seeing, and the emotions it evokes.

Contact Olga by email HERE.


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