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Spotlight Artist November 2019: Maureen Carter

Our Spotlight Artist of the Month in the Chapin Chamber of Commerce this month is:

Maureen Carter!

Please join us in congratulating Maureen on this wonderful piece!

Photograph "Sunrise on Lake Murray", by Alex DiFrancesco

"Uncle Joe"

Watercolor Painting, 20"w x 24"h


About the Artwork:

“UncleJoe” is a 20" x 24” watercolor done with a three-color pallet.

Uncle Joe was a farmer in Irmo who never met a plant he couldn’t make flourish and never met an animal he didn’t love!

Photo of Artist: Maureen Carter

Artist Bio:

I will forever consider myself a student of Art. I love the infinite variety there is to learn about creating images – I’ll try almost anything! In order to keep my creative juices flowing I have taken workshops with some inspiring and highly successful artists like Rose Edin, Fabio Cembranelli, Ted Nuttall, Judy Morris and Gerald Brommer – to name only a few. I’m a “workshopjunkie” and feed my quest for knowledge and inspiration with travel. I have attended classes in Montana, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Ireland, Switzerland and many local workshops.

My style is a combination of subtle realism with an inclination toward abstraction. I love to explore how color, light and texture can be manipulated to create an interesting image that leaves room for interpretation. My favorite media is Watercolor but I also enjoy acrylic, collage and mixed media. I love it all! I am the Treasurer of the Crooked Creek Art League and a member of the SC Watermedia Society. My work has won some awards and I do enjoy the validation of winning -­‐ but for me, the best reward is creating something that even impresses me!

You can see more of Maureen's work on this website at

For more Information:

Email Maureen by clicking HERE.

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