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2019-2020 Outstanding Member of the Year: Barbara Teusink

Photo of Barbara Teusink, 2020 Member of the Year

We had 3 excellent candidates for Member of the Year for 2019-2020: Maureen Carter, Ann Sweeney and Barbara Teusink. All were outstanding and deserving candidates for all that they have done for the league. Voting was conducted online.

This year’s recipient of Member of the Year is: Barbara Teusink.

Barbara was nominated by three individuals.

Nomination by Ann Sweeney: "Barbara received this award a few years ago, but still she devotes even more of her energy and talent to promoting our league as well as helping us excel. Her contribution on the website and with the Spring Show are invaluable. Barbara served as the project chair and was liaison with the town of Chapin for Arts Sail into Chapin, a huge and successful project!!"

Nomination by Karen Larrabee: "Barb is the CCAL social media chair and does and excellent job in that capacity, BUT she ALSO spearheaded the "Sail into Chapin" project, is this year's Juried Show co-chair and is already working with the Town of Chapin for the upcoming community project, AND helped with the mural project. WOW!!!"

Nomination by Sonya Diimmler: "Barbara has given tirelessly of herself to the League for a number of years, but that hasn't slowed her down. Working alongside her last year as both a friend and co-worker, I saw the many countless hours she logged to benefit our League. Her contributions just last year alone were numerous:

  • Significant updates and ongoing improvements to the League's website

  • Participating in Community/Town Hall events on behalf of and for the advancement of the League

  • Ensuring ongoing and increased grant funding by providing data, guidance and information to our grant coordinator

  • Serving in multiple capacities to ensure the League continues to operate efficiently and to grow the League including Social Media/Website Chair, Juried Show Chair and Community Art Project Chair

  • Participating in multiple workshops, updating social media/website re same

  • Participating in the Mural Project at Crooked Creek Park

  • Aid the Public Gallery Chair by ensuring artist information is collected and publishing same on website and social media (a huge benefit to our artists!)

  • Encouraging members and soliciting talent for new board positions, she is THE Energizer Bunny when it comes to promoting and encouraging participation in the League!

  • Barbara has amazing leadership skills and she has vision, both of which have helped grow and strengthen the League. While a number of folks have worked hard, there is no one more deserving of this honor this year."

Congratulations to Barbara and a big THANK YOU for her hard work and dedication. The league has benefited greatly from all her hard work and efforts this year.


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