BB&T Bank on Art - December 2018: Brian Fox

Check out this month's featured artist on display in the "BB&T Bank on Art Gallery": Brian Fox.

"Crooked Creek Red Fox"

Photograph by Brian Fox

Artist Bio

I'm a retired forester with a passion for nature photography. I've been an avid photographer since 1974, when I purchased a good SLR camera just before leaving fo a two year stint in Niger with the Peace Corps. Over the years I've entered several photo contests, and won a few. I've also upgraded my equipment on a regular basis, and now use digital cameras exclusively. I strive for a simple and striking composition. I like the subject to dominate the frame. I try to focus on the eyes and bring out the character of the subject. Birds, butterflies and frogs are my usual subjects because they find my backyard an attractive habitat.​

You can contact Brian by clicking HERE.

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