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Artistic Prosperity Artist December 2017: Mary Williams

Mary Williams is recognized by the Crooked Creek Art League for her multi piece exhibit at the Prosperity Town Hall for December 2017.

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Artist Statement:

"The gift for art has some down through my family. My grandfather painted landscapes,my father sculpted birds from balsa wood and my mother could cut out and sew dress without a pattern. Many of my commissions have been portraits. I strive to reflect the spirit and personality of the subject as well as the likeness. When painting a still life or landscape I strive to paint the essence of the object or place." Among her awards,Mary acknowledges that the Artist in Residence opportunities, awarded through the SC State Parks provided her the most growth as an artist. "I'm honored to be entrusted with this gift from God to paint at this time in history." Mary's paintings and prints can be found throughout Canada and the U.S.,as well as China.

See more of Mary's work at

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