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CCAL Artist at Artfields

Olga Yukhno is a member of the Crooked Creek Art League who has a pottery piece selected to be included in the annual Artfields exhibit in Lake City this year.

Here is a beautiful description of her sculpture.

This piece was inspired by how we perceive others in our everyday lives. We walk past people every day, see them, talk to them, meet them, but never get to know them. We never know that the spark in their eye is just a doorway to a whole colorful world of who they really are inside. The plain person on the outside can have thoughts and ideas bigger than we would ever have imagined. In this work I wanted to reflect the capacity for these boundless universes that everyone holds the potential for inside them, and inspire viewers to embrace their own uniqueness.

The installation consists of three parts. The sculpture is the central piece and the focal point. It is the person we pass by without ever stopping to learn about, but who holds a surprise on the inside. The next part is the backdrop, the reflection of the thoughts within her head, showing there aren’t limits to that surprise. And the final piece is the audio. Real world thoughts from the very people the artwork is meant to represent, sharing their hopes and dreams and revealing a little bit of that colorful world within them.

The title of her sculpture is "The Spark"

Congratulations to Olga on having her piece selected. We wish her well in the competition!

To send Olga an email, please click HERE.

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