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CCAL Artists at the State Fair

Our league was well represented at the State Fair this year with thirty-two artists. Congratulations to the many CCAL artists with fine pieces exhibited and prizes won!

Award winners from CCAL included: Stephanie Arnold, Anne Hightower-Patterson White, Gretchen Parker and Ron Weathers. Here are some examples of our artists and their fine work. If we've missed someone, please let us know (and send pictures!)

In addition, Tish Lowe was honored to be asked to contribute two paintings for decorative tableaux staged with furniture and accessories representing contemporary, casual, formal and festive styles. They were literally front and center.

The following artists also had artwork in the show (but we don't have photos yet):

Jean Kirkley, Ron Weathers, Stephanie Arnold, Sally Harrell, Annis Rankin, Sandra Wilkie, John Zurlo, Corey Ann Lacy, Gretchen Parker, Tommy Thompson, Anna Kay Singley, Marcia Murray, Dwain Johnson, Dan Gardner, Shin Wilbanks, Chris Carlson, Tish Lowe

- Sandra Oliver was juried-in with a mixed media (watercolor and torn paper) piece

- JJ Casey was juried in with "Celebrate Centennial" a mixed media piece on Chapin's historic commercial district, and "Ready to Sing" a mixed media piece

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