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Workshops, Workshops, Workshops Galore...

We have a great slate of workshops lined up for you to enjoy this year!

Please check out all the current options and decide how best to add to YOUR knowledge and skills. Workshops are a great place to explore new ideas, learn new skills, try out new mediums and just exercise your creativity wings just a bit. They are also awesome for helping you break out of your daily routine art routine. In addition, they are a great way to network with other artists. Something magic happens when you are surrounded by people who love to make art as much as you!

While the presenters each have expertise in their own medium of choice, most of our workshops are open to artists using their own medium (e.g., acrylics in an oil painters workshop). If you are not sure, just ask!

TAKE NOTE that this one is right around the corner so get your registration in as soon as possible!!

Know of a great workshop presenter you'd love to see us bring to CCAL? Please let us know!! Send your suggestions to


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