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Workshop Opportunity: V is for Volunteer


Crooked Creek Art League is looking for the 2024–25 Season’s Workshop Co-Chair(s). This is an opportunity to get to know your fellow League members on a deeper level, along with shape the curriculum of future classes. In addition to choosing which artists lead workshops, the Co-Chair(s) follow the same steps throughout each workshop to ensure everyone attains the fullest benefits from the instruction, workshop and weekend as a whole. One of the benefits of being Workshop Co-Chair includes having coveted one-on-one time with semi-local, revered artists. It’s also a role that provides a foundational benefit for members of the League. It is for a person who is ready to receive accolades and hear a lot of thank yous at the conclusion of each workshop.


We all joined CCAL because we agree that creating art leads to happiness, and we believe in the importance of the League's mission: to support and encourage artists, so the artistic community can flourish. Volunteering in the League is at the very core of supporting its mission. League volunteers support and encourage all artists, so that they may flourish. Please consider reaching out to our current Workshop Co-Chairs to volunteer for the 2024-25 season. You can reach Maureen Carter at, and Kerry Summer at


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