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The Artists Place

Since it opened, Crooked Creek Park has been gracious enough to host The Artists Place (or TAP) Gallery. Decorating the walls of the front lobby at the park's Recreation Building, the TAP Gallery features a wide variety of artwork from artistic members of the Crooked Creek Art League.

Each month, the CCAL names a theme and invites all members of the league to bring examples of their work to include in the show. Members bring and hang their own artwork and labels identifying the work. Park representatives select one winner each month to be designated as Best in Show for that themed exhibit. It's a great way to add beauty and interest to the park and a no cost display opportunity (and chance to win) to our artists. Fun for all!!

The theme for this month is “It Makes Me Smile.” If you have a painting or photograph that

makes you smile, please drop it by the park and hang it in the TAP Gallery. Even though we are not able to hold our monthly meeting at the park, there are still a lot of people in and out of the facility. In the past, the park staff has determined their “favorite” piece, and a ribbon was awarded. We need more than just a couple of pieces from which they can select. Please bring your artwork up to add to the display!

Photograph of duck with egg by Kimberly Case
"Proud Papa" by Kimberly Case


CCAL Gallery Host:

Irmo Chapin Recreations Commission Logo

The Artists Place (TAP) gallery is located in the front lobby of the Crooked Creek Park Recreation Center at 1098 Old Lexington Hwy in Chapin. The gallery hosts a monthly rotation of art from a variety of CCAL artists.

The CCAL Display Cabinet can be found in the right side of the gallery as you enter from the front doors. It hosts a rotating multipiece display with a collection of new pieces from a Crooked Creek Art League artist every two months.


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